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Why do guys have so much success as amateur boxers and then suck *** when they become professionals?
guys like Audley Harrison, who are so good as amateur but suck as pros.
some guys just don't adapt to the professional game.Audley Harrison had all the tools to be a heavyweight champion.He was big,tall,decent speed for a heavyweight,a south paw and a excellent jab but he never had the heart and just couldn't adapt to professional boxing
Do most amateur riders tip their motorcycles over? or do I suck that bad?
I just bought a ninja 250. I am a girl, i weight 100 lbs, and i am 4' 10''. I figured it was a good bike for me. I am not having a hard time riding it. I can stop, go, turn, town ride, highway ride, etc.
BUT: when i am stopped or really slow turning right, i have a really hard time keeping the bike up. I have basically just tipped it over twice. Everyone of my guy friends who ride tell me its just part of learning and most people tip when they begin, but its a real damper on my confidence of every being a good rider.
I barely touch the ground, so i just got a lowering link which i am hoping will help.
But i just want to know if my friends are lying and i really suck, or do most amateur riders tip or laydown their bikes while learning?
Both answers can be correct.
At slow speeds, keep your feet down for balance until you increase your confidence and skill level.
Lower the bike some more.
These are a good addition to lowering links -…
How to suck your legs up when doing a kickflip?
Hi. I'm a goofy amateur skater, i just know how to do an ollie and i'm trying to do a kickflip but i don't know how can I suck my legs up so i can catch because i usually land below my skate cuz i cant jump high enough or something...please help!
Well just have you back foot like an Ollie and your front foot just below the front bolts maybe lower depends sometimes if it is lower it helps to get the rotation more. so just pop it a flick off to the side with your front foot and when you are in the air focus on bringing your front foot back in after you flick it out.

If you can't land them yet I would not focus on catching them yet. When I first learned my kickflip I slowly worked my way up to catching them. Hope this helped
How do u beat the last guy on Amateur Sergeon2 for itouch?
The part where u kill the one centipead looking thing i can do... But after u suck up the poison and heal the wounds... When that big thing comes... What do u do? And when he is dizzy.... I mean omg its drivin me crazy!
Why do people say Tough Man Competitions ruin your amateur status?
I am looking to do a tough Man competition in the Future ( From what i saw and Read, The people there suck) I have been doing MMA For 3 months. I havent fought competed yet. But that is my goal. Will a tough man competition ruin that goal? I have been confused with some peoples recent posts about this topic...
no it will not, there are many MMA artists that have fought in other competitions either at the amateur or professional levels.. most do boxing on the side, which is what toughman is all about.. if their concern is competition status, Toughman IS amateur, that is why they have to where the headgear and take other such precautions.. so therefore it does not move you up from amateur. these people might have been concerned that since you are not fighting MMA you will get out of your MMA mindset only having to punch, but I don't subscribe to that as you can always go back and practice MMA
Why do Youtube featured videos suck so much?
When I browse through Youtube's "Featured" section, I seem to find the very worse videos of amateur political commentary and poor acoustic guitar songs imaginable. Anyone know why this is?
Because the majority of people have no taste.
What is the best camcorder buy for good amateur documentary?
If I buy the AG-DVC30 with the equipament, it will go almost $3000.

If I buy the DVX100b, with the same equipament (subtract the XLR adapter) it will cost $4500 with shipping.

The Sony DSR-PD170 with all equipaments (less the XLR adapter) goes $3900

All the equipament with the JVC GR-HD1, goes 2700, but somesay this camera sucks.

The sony DCR-VX2100, goes $3500 with all too.

The GL2 goes with all equipament almost $3300.

The acessories is UV filter, NTG-2 mic, XlR adapter if needs it, good XLR cable, extra better battery, cleaning cassete.

You know the better option?
Like I said, go with the GL2 or DVX100b (or actually the dvx100a or dvx100's are cheaper, but the B revision is newer, and overall better). And dont go with any internal HD cams (like the above mentioned JVC cam). Unless they are HDV mpeg-2 compression (which i doubt), theres a new type of technology called avchd which allows HD recording on DVD cams and HDD cams, but from what I've heard, they suck (compared to HDV), so stick with that. Hope this helps!
How can I get in on amateur kickboxing?
I'm 16, and I've been doing Taekwondo with various levels of seriousness for the past 3 years. I'm by no means amazing, and I've only ever competed twice (the little guys I was up against didn't pose much of a challenge). But you can't blame a guy for wanting to at least try his hand at something, right? My boxing probably sucks, but I know I can kick just as well as the next guy. Everybody has to start somewhere; does anyone know how I can break into it without joining a gym first?
well going to a gym would deffinatly be your best option of getting better. that way you have a toutour to make shure you are doing things properly. i have known some people to try and train themselves after a relativly short time of experiance, and they all turned out very sloppy fighters with no real skill.

to get into amature torniments there are usualy advertisments in martial arts magasines, such as combat magasine, but that is near to where i am located in the uk, different magasines will apply to different places. looking online will also be a good idea, getting into torniments is a great way to gain fighting experiance, and if you loose it will make you train harder next time.

but dont go and enter with little of no training behind you. its like entering the olympics without training.
Best SLR camera for amateur hockey photographer?
I am very overwhelmed looking at SLR cameras. I'm looking at buying one (I currently have a Panasonic Lumix that is great but SUCKS for hockey) but I don't even know where to begin! Obviously because I'm an amateur I don't want to dish out too much money.. definitely no thousand dollar camera. Mainly I'd use it for hockey games, where I know the lighting is beyond difficult, not to mention the action it involves. Help?
At your budget, an entry level digital SLR. Get the latest models, which have better low-light capability. Hickey rinks are fairly well lit, but you need a faster exposure in order to minimize the blur in action shots. Your biggest concern would be for the lens. You will need a telephoto, unless you can arrange to shoot very close to the floor. You should also get a fast one, say f/2.8. However, this will be beyond your budget.
How can i play LBP2 on my ps3 (when i downloaded it on my pc) without jailbroking ?
In some site it said that you can play lbp2 without jailbreaking the system. Is it possible ? I am so amateur so , i suck at this point.

Sorry for my bad english :D
Why don't you buy the game instead brat and if you can't afford them then sell the PS3 thief

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