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What are the best anal beads?
My girlfriend and I are looking to get into anal exploration and are really interested in anal beads. We're looking for a nice set, okay with spending a little more money than usual on quality. What are some good suggestions?
You should take the time and trouble to find some that are the right size, are reasonably priced, and don't look as though they are liable to break, or the string to snap. Remember you cannot try before you buy.
Should I feel alot of discomfort when I have anal beads in?
How many beads should I have in at a time?
Nope, you either need smaller beads, more / better lube & make sure to go one at a time. It depends on the material of the beads as well, silk is softer than jelly ones. If its pain or discomfort stop b/c its not supposed to be, unless this your first time using them, then maybe a little discomfort.
What happens if you get anal beads stuck in your butt?
Will they melt away eventually?
I'm sure you've been in a similar situation.
you just poop em out, and no, most ppl are smart enough to not get em 'stuck'
I just got new anal beads but i cant get them out?
I went to a adult store earlier today to buy anal beads for me and my lover but they are too far up there and I cant manage to get them out what do i do?
find someone to suck them out for you
and/or attathc a rope to the end sticking out, attatch the other end to the bumper of a vehicle and drive the vehicle the opposite direction, resulting in the beads being ripped out
Women: If you received an anal plug and anal beads as a gift from you boyfriend/husband?
Would you be offended?
What would be your reaction?
I would feel honored he trusted me enough to want me to use those things on him.
How much should I ask for a slightly used set of anal beads on craigslist?
This a survey...
How to use anal beads? ANSWER QUICK!!!! THE MOMENT IS NOW!!!?
this guy wants to use anal beads and i dont know how!! what do i doo???
you're cute
Girls: If you received a b*tt plug and anal beads as a gift from you BF would you be offended?
What would be your reaction?
me to bf: "your place or mine?"
How much do anal beads cost?
I was just wondering cause it looks like fun and I need a new toy =)

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