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What r u some kick *** pump up songs when going for a run?
Heres what i got so far:
linkin park- paper cut, numb, faint, what i've done
Jimmy eats world- middle, pain
Three days grace- pain, animal i have become
Metallica- Enter sandman
things like that =]
Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee, and Ready to Fall
Nonpoint - Bullet with a name on it
My Chemical Romance - Helena
Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall
Chevelle- The Red

Alkaline Trio
As I Lay Dying
Breaking Benjamin
Evergreen Terrace
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Boyce Avenue
What is the thing where they put a large straw up your *** and pump you fullof water?
What is its technical name?

and can you do it at home with washing up liquid or something?
Why do i get a pumping sensation by my asshole?
ok, i'm only 13, but i've been having this sensation since i was like 8. the area where my ballsack connects to my ***, it feels like it's pumping sometimes. like, it feel like it's pumping sperm?, but you know, i'm not really sure. maybe it could be my prostate releasing the fliud stuff, and storing it in the vas deferens?
It is normal. i was also having the same sensation while I am 10years of age or so
Need some heavy *** pump up songs?
Can someone give me some HEAVY songs that get you goin ape ****?
And I mean HEAVY. No ACDC, Creedence, POD, Judas Priest, recent Metallica, etc. etc.

I want something with like extremely low tuned guitars and vocals you can barely understand with a breakdown that makes you want to viciously beat small guyren.
Slipknot- Surfacing
- Heratic Anthem
- Pulse of the maggots
- people = ****
- all hope is gone
- everything ends
- left behind
- new abortion
- metabolic
- the blister exists
- welcome

Bullet for my valentine- Spit you out
- waking the demon
a bit softer but still pumpin

Avenged Sevenfold- eternal rest

Spineshank- asthmatic
- play god
- malnutrition
- transparent
- where we fall

static-x - anything but this
- burning inside
- cannibal
- no submission
- chemical logic
- chroma-matic
- cuts you up
- electric pulse
- stingwray
- get to the gone
- this is not
- destroy all
- monster
- kill your idols
- otsego amigo

Underoath- everyone looks so good from here
- returning empty handed

just to name a few
Straight bad *** rap pump up songs thatll get me jacked before fball game?
need some straight rap that will jack me up before a game
STill Kill
What are some bad *** girl songs for a playlist?
I want to make a work out play list full of heart pumping angry bad girl songs....Im looking for songs similar to that of nicki minaj's baddest *****....or like lil Kim's don't mess with me. Thanks ;)
Nicki minaj-romans revenge
Nicki minaj- itty bitty piggy
Remy ma- conceited
Trina-baddest *****
Trina-singlr again
Look up a lot of Remy Ma, Nicki, Eve, Trina...
What metal/hard rock songs gets you blood pumping ?
Can any one suggest me a metal hard rock songs will get you blood pumping and ready to kick some *** ?

Similar Like rammstein -du hast...
Living Sacrifice- Reject

Wow I'm shocked by thumbs up thanks everyone.
Who is that buff *** midget with dreadlocks and the spray tan on the denver nuggets bench ?
he's always getting pumped on the bench with jr smith? i heard he might be carmelo's nutritionist, anyone have any more info on dude?
A trainer.

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