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Any new and better ways to masturbate?
Any suggestions on how to masturbate in new and better ways? I'm getting a bit bored of just doing it the normal way. Any new suggestions?

P.S I'm a 15 yr old male.
Google; male masturbation techniques

You will get plenty of sites which go into details and probably with photo's
Sex life, what are Better ways to masturbate?
Hi i'm a 13 yr old and when I masturbate it takes about 10 seconds untill I cūm
1. Is there somthing wrong with me or is my penis very sensitive?
2. What is a better way to masturbate that will take longer and be more pleasureable cause right now it's not that fun.
3.I don't squeeze tight or stroke fast.
Please leave reccomdations that will help!
Thats normal just try "edging" you just stop every once in a while then continue and then stop before you c*m and keep doing so till U wanna stop and the feeling will be great ;)
What's some good ways to masturbate and good positions to do it in GUYS ONLY?
I've been bored lately so ye the question is up there please answer
Zach, just experiment with your penis and balls, see what feels good, try lotions, sometimes a friend can lend a hand, boy or girl
How can i find better ways to masturbate without buying anything or talking to anyone about it?
i have been masturbating since i was 8, i am now almost 16, and i fell like its not as good as it was at first. how can i have better orgasms? i have been sitting here on my computer for 4 hours and havent found much. please help!
u shud get urself in a proper relationship.. masturbating is not good for health..
What are some better ways to masturbate?
im 15, anyone have some really good ways that they find better than others?
I thought you knew lots of ways Jakeey lol. Look at the link I gave to other questions. Enough variations to satisfy the lot of us. Enjoy.
What are some better ways to masturbate?
Im a male and im tired of the same old same old watching porn and masturbating stuff, so does anyone have any certain techniques or anything like that that i can try, im bored of the same thing over and over
Do it with a male friend. Ask around; I'm sure there's someone who will be willing to join you.
Any better ways to Masturbate?
What's a better way to Masturbate without using your hand?
There are hundreds of strokers/masturbators available that can be used instead of your hand. Everything from Fleshlights and hand held toys to small sleeves that can fit in your pocket. Do a online search for "sex toys".
I need better ways to masturbate [girl] do you no any good ways or websites that will tell me?
description of intesting and good ways to masturbate pr a website that has alot of differnt ways would be great!
looking for a best answer.

please help me....
Use a cucumber
Does it help at all to moan during masturbating in the shower?Other good ways to masturbate?
I masturbate under the shower head.. Does it help at all to moan? Does it make it feel better or more enthusiastis? Or what?And what are other good ways to masturbate?
Moaning? I don't don't know if it'll help you... but it'll certainly make your neighbors day.
Better ways to masturbate?
need better ways to masturbate other than pumping my foreskin up and down???
There are lots of sites that have information that you desire like so look them up because they have a lot of different ways of doing it, have fun

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