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Hairstyles for chubby cheeks?
i have medium lenth just past my shoulder hair...its wavy cause i have an old perm but i usually curl it or straghten it.
i want a cut with lots of layers so i can add crazy volume if i want to but my cheeks look really chubby when i add layers up front. so i usually try to keep it long in the front… <<thats a picture of something i like

here is me>>…

suggestions please, no stupid answers
you have a larger forehead me....I have read up on it and the 'best' look for our type faces is longer lengths with no bangs parted in the middle or near the middle with only long layers that don't reach the chin......otherwise, we are emphasizing our cheeks and forehead. good luck!
Guys:Which body type do you like best on a girl? (pics)?
I like the curvy/average one
I don't want to go into 8th grade being "the ugly girl"?
I am a 13 year old girl, going into eighth grade. All of the girls at my school are really pretty, skinny, and don't ever have to worry about how they look. I'm not skinny, I wear glasses, I can't wear make up, and I have 3 big, ugly chalazions in 3 of my eyelids. If you don't know what they are, here are some pictures of what they look like:………

Yeah. One in each eyelid of my left eye, one in my upper right eyelid. I've had one for about 2 years, one for a few months, and one for a week that's red, swollen and making my eyelid droop. I might be getting surgery, but the swelling and bruising don't go away for a month or more or so I've been told. School starts in a little over 20 days. They're really big, and ugly, and really frustrating. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing my eyes with big lumps on them. I can't even look people in the eye when I talk.

LIke I said, I'm not skinny. All the girls at my school are really skinny and I'm...chubby. Everyone always says I'm not fat but I don't believe them.

I have to wear the same clothes every week. Same jeans same shirts each week. Oh well you should just go buy some thing else- yeah I would if I could but I can't... Every week I wear the same outfits, different days. The whole school knows my wardrobe... All my clothes look like they came from a thrift store anyway...

I wish I was pretty like all the other girls. Everyone thinks I'm emo, or a loner because I don't talk to people at school. Well every time I try to make friends, something always happens. Whether it be a rumor, a lie, or them "moving away", it never works out. So why the hell should I try?

I'm ashamed of myself. Not for being my unattractive self, but for being such an idiot. I haven't had a real friend since 1st grade. That was the last best friend I had. We never fought, ever. Then the summer before 2nd grade, she moved to Iceland. We still keep in touch. I don't want to make friends because people my age are idiots and not trustworthy. I don't want to be the fat, ugly, emo, loner, girl again.

What the hell am I supposed to do for this year? How can I not be who I am and still get by people? Should I just stay like this, and avoid people, or actually try and act like a 13 year old girl should?

Sorry.... gotta vent sometimes, after keeping everything in. Feel free to.
You don't wanna make friends because people your age are idiots and not trustworthy?

You have a problem, and the problem is not the people around you.

I don't wanna sound like Dr. Phil, but you gotta take a look inside yourself and reconsider your view towards other people before you can expect them to like you.

Looks are unimportant when it comes to human relations and making friends.

Now it sounds like a superiority complex. You might benefit from reading Adler (or you know.. get off your high horse and try to mingle).
Do you think I'm pretty for an Asian girl?

This is the link!!

Okay, so

here is the question for you ^_^

1. What do I look like?

2. Do I look tall, medium or short? (By looking at me)

2. How old do u think I am? (well I'm 16)

3. Do you think I look Asian or something else or mixed?

4. Do you think I'm fat? chubby? okay?

5. Do I have dark,medium,gold, or white skin?

6. and last but not least am I pretty,cute or ugly?

Thanks.. I'm really having problem with me these days.
Fat girl with her belly button pierced!! opinions?
okay so i was considering getting my belly button pierced for my 20th birthday, which was last weekend.
but i cant decide whether im too chubby or not.
here are some pics of what my belly looks like [sorry they are of celebs instead of me. my camera died, and my phone camera doesnt take good pics, theyre all grainy and stuff]…………………

im not like super fat, but a little chubby.
be honest/harsh, whatever. i have thick skin, i can handle whatever you say. :] so bring it on. :]
I think you'd look great with one! I love that someone with thick
skin is getting one,
I'm so tired of seeing stick-skinny girls with belly rings.
Get it fa sho ;)
God Bless!
My boyfriend made me gian weight and now dumped me! Do i look good fat? Should i stop?
I used to be a small girl: 5' 4" and about 100lbs, then i met my boyfriend jake
whenever i am with him, we always go out for ice cream or something and he buys a huge one and feeds it too me. Then, i balloned up to 155lbs. Finally, he couldn't hold back, he told me that he like bigger girls and was going to fatten me up to no end. I thought i loved him, so i went with it, but he wants me to gain so much weight. After just 3 years of dating jake, i had gained 280lbs. I was now 385lbs and hating life. I had snapped all my pants waistbands except for one pair of stretch pants, but even they couldn't contain me. I have 70"HH boobs-66"belly-84"butt
people have called ma a very pretty, proportional fatty
People say i look like this except with a much bigger belly, little bit bigger boobs, and a bigger butt
The clothes she has on is pretty much the only thing i can fit into anymore. Stretch pants pulled up to belly button, with t-shirt (but t-shirt isn't big enough to cover whole belly). I am quite embarrassed by my belly, and one time when i was in the grocery store, my belly ripped a pair of stretch pants, and my belly exploded out while knocking down a tower of cereal. My belly hung too much to be able to walk comfortably then, so i had to lift it so it rode on top of the kart. Do you know how embarassing it was to have a kart full of 30 froze pizzas, and 5 gallons of eggnog while having my belly ride on the kart. Everyone was staring at me, and when the guy loaded the kart for my departure, he asked me to move my belly. Then when he was done, my belly was too heavy for me to lift, and i had to ask him to help me. OMG the horror, a true story none the less. That was the last day i went to that grocery store.
Just imagine this girl, same hair, glasses, clothes (except more of my belly is showing, around 15 inches instead of 6), but with bigger boobs, a 3x fatter belly, and a 2x fatter butt.

I think i look good for a fat girl, but i am quite chubby and jiggle more and more everyday. I am thinking about calling someone to see if i could model, but my mom would hate me.
For health reasons i recommend that you start to eat healthy and go to the gym
good luck
Look opinions?
what do you think looks best on a girl??
or very long?…

hair style-
or curly?…

and size
or a little chubby?…

thank you for your opinion!
medium....curly....average-or skinny
How can I be really skinny?
Like this girl:… I know what you guys are going to say, but please help me! I want to be nice and slim like her! I'm a healthy weight, but kind of chubby. What are some exercises to do and good, nutritional foods to eat? Like I said, I'm trying to be healthy AND nice-looking. Please don't tell me things like, "Be happy with who you are." That's ALL I got last time I asked this question. Thank you.
She's a guy, so if you look to her as inspiration, you'll never be happy with your weight, unless you're the same age as her that is.

Anyways, if you're really set on being thin, do it the healthy way. Eating 1,200 calories a day is the bare minimum of what your body needs to function healthily, and normally. Do not eat below 1,200 calories. Add more fiber, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables into your diet, and take out excess junk foods like candy and chips. But don't deprive yourself of the junk foods, you can still eat them, just in moderation and try replacing the junk foods with healthier options (Baked chips instead of the regular kind, or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.)
Cut out almost all sugary drinks like soda, and fruit juices if they aren't all natural. Try to aim for drinking 2 liters of water a day.
Some good exercises for all over body fat loss is running, and any kind of aerobics really. Just keep in mind you can't target where you lose fat from, so don't get discouraged it may slim down later on.

2 of my favorite metabolism boosting foods are are green tea, and cinnamon. You can find more foods to boost your metabolism simply by googling "metabolism boosting foods" and find stuff that you'd like to eat.
Which features are considered hotter? sharp ones or soft ones?
here is a white girl with sharp features…

here is an indian girl with soft features…

(indians can also have sharp features)…

but whats more prefered? sharp or soft? soft meaning somewhat chubby cheeks... and sharp meaning, a showing jawline and projecting chin.. and pointier nose.

i think soft features are cute, but not hot... and i think men look nice with sharp features, and women look nice with features somewhere around the middle
Isha Koppikar (the girl in the second link) does not have "soft features".
Traditionally, Indians think of sharp features as -
well defined, sharp nose
big, lotus-petal like eyes
high cheek bones.
And yes, such features are considered desirable over flat pig nose, small eyes and low hanging chubby cheeks.

But, Indians are not all that judgmental about physicalities anyway and there is a lot more that decides the appeal of a woman over and above the three features listed here.

Besides the concept of "hotness" as contrasted with "beautiful" is not predominant in India.
To them "BEAUTY" is a deeper concept. The shallow concept of "sexyness" has only just started making the rounds.
I agree that soft features can look cute.
Beauty help! My sister wants my help to make her up! What to do?
I am not a fan of being dolled up, but is if makes my sister happy, I will do my best to help her look special. My sister looks really different than other people I know. Don't get me wrong, she is so pretty to me, but she wants to get dolled up, so I will do it! Her eyes are not like anyone I know. The only way I can explain it is like Elina's off of America's next top model. This is a link to her page, my sister's eyes are even closer to the brow and over her eye is more chubby, not to much more, but more. She looks nothing like this girl, but I know pictures would help to explain her eyes.… Pictures 5 7 8 9 really show what I mean. My sister wants to do the smokey eye thing, how could I do this? OH! My sister's make up always runs! She is a sweater, but even if she is not sweating bad it runs, any brand suggestions? And she wants to wear a skirt, but her legs are really hairy. She tried nair, blades, and another hair removal, waxing hurts her, so is there another way. The issue is, the hair is really coarse and thick so even when she shaves and uses nair, where hair used to be, you can still see the hair, like a black spot. Any brand suggestions for this either? I know I am putting my baby sister on blast with her stuff, but I didn't say her name lol. Can anyone help me help her out? And no rude comments or I will report people.
she sounds like a pretty girl that wants help.
so listen., get urban decay mary jane eyeshadow, also u should use lorac mazcara and a soft brown eyeliner preferably revlon.
im sorry about the leg hair, i have no answer for that part.

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