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Disposable underwear?
My hubby and I are going on a ten-day trip. Does anyone know where we can get disposable underwear in-store? We do not want to buy them online. We are in southern California. Thanks.
You did not mention the place for your ten day trip, if at all you are coming to India you can get it from any medical shop at the airport itself or from the market.
How do I tell my girlfriend that I wear disposable underwear?
So I have an embarrassing problem: I need to wear disposable underwear because of severe chronic bowel problems that I have had since a guy.

But last week I met the girl of my dreams! She's smart, attractive, kind, and as cute as a button! But I'm afraid to tell her about my problem. I'm afraid that she's going to laugh at me and dump me because this has happened in the past. It really really hurt :( and I don't want it to happen again.

So how should I approach this?
Don't tell her until you're both into the relationship enough that she'll understand instead of seeing you as some weird guy who tells people about his disposable underwear. Or when she asks what's that smell.
Did anyone ever use disposable underwear instead of pads after delivery?
When I had my baby, afterwards I used maxi pads which don't cut it, I ruined lots of underwear, nightgowns, and a couple of sheets. I had those "chux" pads to lay on, but they are slippery and I couldn't keep my butt on them while sleeping. Now I am having another baby and was wondering about using disposable underwear (like Depends) for the first few days or week after delivery. Has anyone tried this?
Yes, I used them and they were so much more comfortable than regular underwear. First of all, you can fit two hospital sized maxi pads in them. Secondly, they are much less binding. I'd recommend them for at least the first week post-delivery.
Anyone else use disposable underwear during their periods?
I have always had heavy periods and would have a horrible time with tampons and pads, so now every time I get my period I use disposable underwear, like the pull ups. I love it because I never leak and dont have to worry about pads slipping while you sleep. Im wondering if other women use these, and if you dont you should its a life saver for those who have heavy flows.
hey cup cake thank you so much for the idea, i have the same problem but i never thought about buying the disposal undies. i did do the birth control mood swings like a bandit, i have used 2 to 3 three pads at night still came through lost more undies than i shake a stick at an the embarrassment that goes with the unexpected. i have bleed though my clothes just standing at work. i feel the flow, grabbed my stuff and by the time i got to the bathroom it was all over me. This is a night mare for me as a matter of fact i am staying home from work to day because of it. so i will be going to get some disposable undies.and maybe i wont have to stay home from work any more.
Ladies, would you wear disposable underwear for your period OR just keep your collection of period panties?
So I have a drawer full of panties that I have stained due to coming on my period in them and now I have like a collection of them. My husband got tired of finding them in the dirty clothes (while in the process of washing clothes) and have now went out to purchase me disposable panties so that I can now throw them away instead of collecting them, so my question is....

Would "you" purchase disposable underwear for your period to keep from having a collection of what we ladies call "period panties"?
I never wear panties just shove a tampon up there and it takes care of the period days.
Girls: do you really like to wear disposable underwear while going on a date?
My friend tells me that wearing disposable panties makes her feel extra confident. So if she feels like impressing her BF or is looking for a date, she wears disposable panties that day.
I find this strange. What do you say?
Not something I would do and I'm not sure I understand your friend there. To me, wearing disposable panties on a date says "I'm not afraid to have sex with you". Kind of a slutty message.
What do yall think of this? Disposable underwear?
I envisioned a plastic underwear that has a condom made on to it. All a guy has to do is just put them on and get busy. See, no bodily fluids would be transferred from the man or from the woman. All he would have to do is trash them after sex. What do yall think?
Patent that idea. Do you know that they have made bras now that can be used for gas masks? Also underwear with a GPS system in place in case you get lost!

TRUE!! google it.
Has anyone tried the new disposable plastic underwear on the market?
I have seen countless ads for disposible plastic underwear. Has anyone tried them. I like the idea of not having to deal with cleaning them like my nondisposible type. Plastic seems clammy but then again modern technology has made gortex.
Yep, very clammy in hot weather... My penis winkled up and it got sore with all the condensation in the pants... Bet they work better in the winter... keeps things dry.
Where can i find disposable absorbent underwear for men in bangalore, india?
My grandpa has hurt his back and is unable to walk on his own. He needs some absorbent underwear for nighttime.. where can i find this in bangalore, india?
You get them in many medical shops, ask them for adult diapers.
Go to bigger stores they usually carry these.

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