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All Comments

How come its not ok for sober boys to take sleep with drunk girls?
but when pretty sober girls do it to drunk boys its ok?
The difference is that no sober girl would ever sleep with a drunk boy. At least not one who doesn't have an ulterior motive.
Drunk boys peed on my gardenia bush. How do I fix the ph?
It is supposed to bloom very, very soon. It is actually a bit late. I am afraid its because after a party last week, it was urinated on several times by drunk boys. It appears it may have aborted some buds. I am afraid to put fertilizer on it because I do not want tender growth that will be killed by frost in a month or so.
I wouldn’t worry about it.
As long as you rinsed off the Gardenia and watered it well all should be fine.
I would keep the hose handy, in case those bad boys come back, hoodlums!
What are accurate chords for the acoustic version of Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls?
Hey guys. I'm trying to figure out the chords for the acoustic version of Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls, but all the tabs/chords I've looked up don't fit it. Any help?

I'm not sure whether they're accurate..
I'm looking for them myself. :P
What song sounds like the chorus of Love Drunk-Boys like girls?
i know theres a part in a different song that sounds like the chorus of love drunk. like the same beat and everything. not the words but the beat. and isnt it weird that ashley tisdale is in the music video?
The song is Somebody Told Me by The Killers.
Haha, yeah, I was surprised when I saw Ashley Tisdale in the video. It was kind of weird... =)
BCCI is going to lodge an official complaint against the DRUNK boys who made provocative COMMENTS and GESTURES?
against Yuvraj Singh. Will there be any VIRTUAL ACTION against the SL Board or the matter will be settled? BCCI is furious that the drunkards were allowed to enter the member's stand.
This kind of activity happens in every country. The boards are not accountable to that. I think Australia is the most racist country where this is a common thing.
Does being drunk make boys tell the truth?
I was at a party recently and a boy who had lots to drink, tried to convince me we had sex the weekend before, which never happened, and when I didn't go along with it, he got upset. Later that night he told me how much he loved me and kissed me goodnight. We've never talked like this before, and we rarely see each other, what does this mean?
Even if he was telling the truth, if he doesn't say or do those things when he's sober, it doesn't matter.
Is it wrong to snog boys at party when your drunk and single?
Just asking.
I got a bit pissed on friday night at my mates party, and I've just recently split up with my boyfriend (11th february) and I needed to get over him.
One thing led to another and I ended up kissing about 3 boys - just kissing mind you, nothing else.
is it wrong to snog people when your drunk/tipsy?
No way. It's perfectly normal to hook up with guys especially after just getting out a relationship. Amazing way in how to get over him. Just don't do it to much or to often otherwise you might start to get a bad name on yourself.
Where can i listen to Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls?
Okay i know the song doesnt officially come out until July 6.. but is there anyway i can possibly listen to it early?
If it's now on youtube, then you probably can't you'll have to wait till the album comes out.
Chilled night in with friends and a whole tv series or crazy night out getting drunk with boys?
Just curious, which would you rather?
Night in, getting drunk is a waste of money. At least the TV series will be there forever.
Do you girls like when boys sound drunk?
Ok its not about drinking. It's like i sleep late and get up late.
And now while sleeping i get a call from a gril and i sound very drunk or wired. Because im not awake peoperly. She listened to me and then hang up later.

Im just curious to know did that make her horny or she took a bad impression for it. What you girls feel.
lol not horny. I would persanally think it's funny if you told me that you just woke up and sounded that bad. But it's up to her. Don't wonder what she thinks of you, I'm sure she doesn't take it as a bad impression. If she does than she's majorly shallow

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