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All Comments

Why do extreme Gay Activists want to force Churches to perform Gay weddings?
Liberals always spout 'separation of church and state', than how can they force a church to go against its beliefs to accommodate a gay couple??

Why not go to a different church that performs gay weddings?
makes sense to me (the last thing you said). thats the problem with any kind of extremist, they force their beliefs
Is it just me or did Vince turn ECW from extreme to gay?
Let's be honest back in the original ECW almost every match was EXTREME now we are lucky to see one once a month... I know no one liked Heyman but every since he left ECW it went to sh!t. Am i right?
ECW is pretty bad. They could use some better matches and some actual feuds.
Is it true that extreme homophobes are more likely to be gay themselves?
I know that there was this study done where they made such men watch gay porn, and the men got the biggest erections and what not, but that doesn't seem necessarily conclusive. I feel like this may be better explained by sadism. The men probably had sadistic attitudes toward gays, so they got sexually aroused that way. Doesn't mean they weren't straight. Kind of like in prison, where the men who rape other men don't do it because they're gay, but because it fulfills sadistic desires. What do you think?
Your talking about this study?
"while 66% of the nonhomophobic group showed no significant tumescence while watching the male homosexual video, only 20% of the homophobic men showed little or no evidence of arousal. Similarly, while 24% of the nonhomophobic men showed definite tumescence while watching the homosexual video, 54% of the homophobic men did."

Its interesting I'll give it that, and not without merit, it does show that out of men who classify themselves as heterosexual, the homophobic ones are more likely to be lying about that classification, the sample size just isn't big enough in my opinion though.
No its not explained by sadism, you fail to realise exactly how many closeted men there are. Its only in the past few decades that being gay has become relatively acceptable in society. The majority of men alive today grew up in a world where it definitely was not "okay to be gay", so many gay men hid it as well as they could, even from themselves. Just to illustrate, the average coming out age has fallen by over 20 years in the UK;
"The poll, which had 1,536 respondents, found that lesbian, gay and bisexual people aged 60 and over came out at 37 on average. People aged 18 and under are coming out at 15 on average."

The world is a very different place now to what it once was, its easy to forget that but its true.
Has Extreme Makeover Home Edition ever made over a house for a gay couple?
I can't think of any lesbians or gay men they have helped, but I certainly haven't seen all episodes. Can anyone think of any homosexual couples they have helped?
i think i remember seeing a gay couple once.
Do you think that the majority of gay Americans would be happy with Civil Unions vs the extreme few?
I often hear heterosexual activists claim to know what all people who are gay in America desire.

Is it possible that the gay minority is claiming to speak for the gay majority which isn't the case?
It's very possible, I have spoken to some die hards, who want same sex marriage, but I have also spoken to others who are fine with a civil union contract. Al Rantel is a good example.
Gay Marriage: why do liberals take such an extreme position way outside the mainstream?
It's been put to I&R in 31 states and failed all 31 times. It's time for liberals to accept the will of the people.
Gay liberals somehow think they have special rights above the rest of us.
Was Anita Bryant one of the first to find out firsthand how extreme gay rights people are?
Maybe...they have gotten worse today. They should be placed on some sort of terrorist watch list
Fundamentalists: Lets just clear this up -- Do you support Uganda's extreme anti-gay bill?
As you probably already know, Uganda is in the process of putting together some very serious legislation against gay people -- this bill would involve such consequences as life imprisonment and potentially even the death penalty for individuals found guilty of homosexuality. Not only that, but heterosexuals could also be imprisoned for crimes such as "aiding and abetting homosexuality".

The bill has been funded and supported by certain extremist American fundamentalist Christians: A California pastor named Scott Lively, and certain people involved in Exodus International, the main organization promoting the concept of "ex-gays". At this time, I believe all of the people who were originally involved in the conception of the Bill have formally repudiated it, and countless non-fundamentalist Christian leaders have loudly and clearly voiced their condemnation of the Bill as un-Christian, extreme, and unjust.

You as fundamentalists are facing accusations of supporting this bill -- please state whether or not these accusations are true, so that we will all know where you stand. If you could star this for your fellow fundamentalists so they can answer as well I would appreciate it.
I don't know if you consider me a fundamentalist. However, the bill as you have described it is not unexpected. Uganda has long had a history of violence and oppression of its people.

Giving a person life imprisonment or death for being a homosexual is a violation of human rights. I don't have to agree with them to be willing to stand up for those rights. On the abetting charge, I can't speak to that as it is undefined here and no penalty is given.

The reason for that is there are situations where a homosexual should go to jail. Such situations would include homosexual rape, incest, pedophilia, etc. However, I doubt that these are what they mean by abetting.

I think Christians can disagree with the lifestyle without persecuting the persons in that lifestyle.

That is not the Christian way. I support full job and civil rights for homosexuals. Most Christians I know do support those rights.

Pastor John
Are many extreme gay haters gay themselves?
people that just couldn't accept their gayness?
yes, cuz why would a confidantly straight person be so hateful to a different sexuality, its them usually trying to prove that they're not gay because of insecurities or their upbringing and its usually those people who are later featured in the news of how they got caught with a male prostitute or raping another man.

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