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All Comments

Am I gay: I am a boy but I love showing off my armpit in photos?
Sorry, I re-ask the question.
Not the clean shaved thing, the problem is I love showing off armpit in photos.
Do you think showing off armpit in photo habit show that I'm a gay?
No, showing off your armpits in photographs does not make you gay. I would love to see what your armpits look like though.
Am I gay: I am a boy but I love showing off my clean shaved armpit in photos?
That's women who love showing off their armpits.
But, I'm a boy, and even worse my armpit isn't hairy, it is clean shaved.

Do you think I'm a gay?
that honestly has nothing to do with being gay.
do you like girls? if yes, you're not gay.
do you like guys? if yes, you're not straight.
you may be gay, bi, straight, anything, but your stance on armpits or armpit hair does not affect anything.
Does it make me gay if i shaved my own armpit?
or women think guys are sexy with shaved armpit. Im not trying to be homo, I'm trying to have self-confidence on my self image. I just like to look good around women, by showing hygiene.
Girls (and gay men), do you think athletic guys who have armpit hair are hot?
Do you find athletic guys with armpit hair hot?
I'm 17, and my girlfriend thinks it's sexy. She likes it when I'm just wearing those wifebeaters or my jersey from school and when I put my arms up..
Even my friends who are gay agree with her on this.
You agree? why?
That's a personal preference thing. I myself, don't care about body hair on guys. If they got it they got it. If your girl likes it, then good for her. She has a really hot hairy man! Haha, but like I said, that's a matter of individual opinion and cannot be generalized. The hair can definately be a turn on, I think maybe because it's a natural thing, you know, closer to nature. And hey, she's happy, good for you! :)
Is it gay to shave my armpit hairs?
OK,I came to this issue,You see my skin is pretty white and my hairs are completely dark,so when im at gym n all,the armpits(hairs) are so visible ,for you blondes its easier because your hairs is more like to be your skins,anyway,i had a thought of shaving these hairs sometimes to prevent bad looking that it may bring,
If you want to, Do it. Dont listen to what anyone else say's it's your body!
How is a Guy Shaving Armpits Gay?
It looks a lot better. C'mon, it's not like he's putting on a skirt or wearing lipstick. Why do people think it's so gay? Who started this thing where women are expected to shave, but a guy doesn't have to?
Damn! Why the f*ck can't people just be proud of their bodies instead of having to shave every f*cking hair off their body in order to feel like they're worthy of love and sex?!?!!?!? SIGH!!!!! It's so damn STUPID!!!!!
For girls between ages 18-28.. do you think its feminine/gay for a guy to shave his armpit hair?
what do you think about it? turn off? turn on?

what about the legs? turn off? turn on? just plain gay?
I expect some armpit hair, and it's perfectly normal, but I do NOT like when they have full jungles under there. So that said, it is not a turn off, but when there is too much that DEFINITELY is. It's best to keep it shaved or under some type of control.

Legs: leave the hair. Unless you're some type of model who needs to shave it, leave it. If a guy told me he shaved his legs I would probably think he was gay.
Is there a website for armpit fetish?
I'm gay (I know my Yahoo ID is confusing) and I'm wondering if there is a website for those with gay armpit fetishes. Hairy armpits and famous hairy armpits. I KNOW THIS IS AN ODD FETISH. I don't need to be reminded of that :)
Wow that's one I've never heard b4 but I'm sure there is one out there haha.
I'm really into women who have armpit hair, does that make me gay?
I'm really confused

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