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Gay/lesbian police officers.?
i know law enforcement doesnt discriminate against sexual orientation. but what about discrimination within the police force?

are they discriminated against at the station? do other officers give them a hard time?

i usually see more lesbian police officers, are they more accepted?

does being gay fall into affirmitive action? for example, would there have to be more gay police officers in west hollywood or the castro in san francisco?

are there any special groups/organizations for gay cops?
(for example, disney has a group within its employees called "PRIDE")

im asking these questions genuinely cause i really dont know. i'd love to be a police officer someday, but i'd like to get the low down on how it really is for a gay person to become a cop.
Being gay (I'm straight, btw) is fast becoming an acceptance in this country (and I guess, the world, as times are changing). Sexual orientation is no longer a liability but a way of life. That's freedom evolving and changing our lives.

But as far as being discriminated, that's one sad fact of life that we are still trying to eradicate. you don't have to be black or gay to suffer this humiliation. Class bullies pick on nerds (any race or color). I was a bit nerdy growing up and 2 of my classmates where always bullying me. Several years ago, I was stalked by 2 gay men, imagine that? I was scared, big time.

So, until the day this becomes a perfect world, there will always be discrimination, unfair labor practices and other imperfections. We just have to "elbow" ourselves in the crowd and find our place in the sun.

Good luck in becoming a Law Enforcement officer some day. Its an honorable profession. Its a big responsibility to be wearing a badge and protecting people you don't even know. You have to be a bit "crazy" to do some thing like that. But whether you will realize it or not, you are a "hero" to the society. Without cops, we would live in mayhem.

Good luck and may you be an exemplary law enforcement officer.
Does anyone know the name of this movie?
I seen it on HBO in about 1987. It was an action comedy. It was about 2 cops (1 gay) that go undercover (as a couple) to solve a series of murders in a gay community. I remember that their car was a 196? Volkswagon, thats horn played music. I thought maybe Nick Nolte was in it but I'm not really sure. I've googled his movies and it's not there. So it's probably someone else. Please help me. I'd like to see it again.
I remember that one. I think Ryan O'Neil was in that. The title is PARTNERS
Legal advice re: public gay sex?
My bf was caught in a bathroom stall w another guy by hotel security. He followed the security to their office where he showed his ID and his work badge (he was there on a work assignment). The security checked his ID by police for priors and he was let go. Now the story has reached his employer and he is concerned the cops will take further action.

His question is this: can he be arrested (he has no priors)? If so, on what charge>
Public lewdness, public indecency, indecent exposure.

Likelihood of arrest depends which charge. Having no prior offences is only significant in court, he is no less likely to be arrested.
Who would you really want in the Military?
All Gay, Female, Black or an all white male military? Same as the Cops or Fire person you would call on a "9-1-1" phone call, and you know it. "My house is burning, please send an affirmative action 85# black female to rescue me, I am on the 5th floor and will help her with her nails after I take her back down" Don't laugh, this happened.
when i was in the military there were those that i would bet and trust my life on and there were those if i had of had a gun i would have shot myself .. (USAF didn't let medics play with guns like the big boys did) Ran into one open gay in the air force and i helped him from the third floor to the bottom floor the hard way and down the stairs .. Never seen him again ..Deal is in a combat or even a fire situation i want a strong young man that has nerves of steel and knows what he is doing and isn't there because somebody said he could be..
Why are riots so gay?
Does nobody own a gun or think that if they break into a car stick it in neutral and shove that around into cops would be cooler than getting there a55 shot by paintballs and rubber bullets. I hate all those people in Egypt making noise but no action. More people turn out for the superbowl than there dumb national change which WILL backfire.
I hate it when gutless wimps use the Internet to attempt to pain them self to be a hero when in fact they are nothing. Give me an Egyptian protester any day.
Can Cops fix tickets?
i know this doesnt nelong in the gay and lesbian section but it seems to be the only section with any action tonite so im asking here so save ur comments about it not belonging here. If you get a speeding ticket can you get another cop who is a friend to take care of it for you? One of my friends says yes the other says no.
A police officer who intervenes in a traffic ticket written by another officer would be putting their job on the line to fix a ticket for you.

That kind of stuff can come back to haunt the officer even years later.

The short answer is no.

- Stuart
The rumor that never seems to elude him for over 20yrs..Keanu Reeves is gay. Do you really think he is?
Keanu Reeves' name has been tossed around a lot lately due to the hype of his new cop movie Street Kings coming out April 11th. I've been on forums reading what people have to say about the movie because IMO it looks awesome! Instead of talking about the movie however, there are many comments saying Keanu is too pretty or too gay to play a hard-a$$ed street cop. I have read blogs and articles that have the subject title "A review of Sreet Kings trailer" and most of it is fluff saying Keanu is too pretty, too sissy or too gay and shouldn't be in the movie with all the other tough stars in the film. I don't get it. This guy was awesome in Speed, Constantine and The Matrix Trilogies. He has proved he has enough cool-factor and muscle to pull off these tough action roles. He has played the bad guy before. Has anyone forgotten The Gift and The Watcher? I happen to think the guy is cool and there's no denying he stars in some awesome movies. Why must the gay comment always come up?
Roswellm, why don't you get your damn facts straight before you go hating on Keanu. How dare you say Keanu was a terrible friend to River. He wasn't even there when River died outside the Viper Room, he was away filming the movie Speed when he got the news, you fool! Here's complete proof that says exactly that...…
Keanu to this day still talks about how River's death was one of the most painful losses that happened in his life and still hasn't gotten over it so you have some nerve to spread your filthy lies about him!

Maybe you should consider getting your facts straight and get some conseling for that deep obvious envy you have for Keanu before you go trashing his good reputation. He's a decent human being, something you're obviously not!

And to anwser youtr question jtm74, no I believe Keanu is not gay but even if he was, that doesn't change the wondeful kind of person he is. His sexual preference should be only his bussiness and not ours.


Reply back to Roswellm. Perhaps you're too dense to understand, but the video clip and I will explain it to you again, at the very moment when this incident with River collapsing happened, Keanu was filming Speed, not at The Viper Room running away from the police like you said. By the way, where's your source? Were you there? I highly doubt it. I would certainly believe a news that clearly explains that Keanu was filming Speed at the time River collapsed and it also states once Keanu found out, the director stopped production and gave time for Keanu to grieve and pay his respects. I would believe that over a jealous, envious hater such as you. Keanu is better looking than you, richer than you, kindhearted unlike you, more of a man than you and it just irks you, don' it? You need professional help to get you over your unjustified anger.
How can I trace a license plate number for free?
a gay drove into the back of my car and I'm trying to find his address, he gave a false address on the accident report. I stay in cape town and it seems to me the cops is helping him to avoid legal action. I don't have insurance, yes I know that was stupid not to have, I have R73 000 worth of damage to my vehicle. can someone help me please
If you have the police report, you should be able to visit a Motor Vehicles Dept office and get his current address, etc. (This assumes that his MVD info ir current; if it's not, as it typically isn't, you may be out of luck.) Your not having insurance shouldn't affect this.
Were the Christians in Adelaide today deliberately provoking the gay people?…

Apparently a street fight broke out today between gay people who were having a peaceful parade and a bunch of Christians waving banners with hateful messages on them. Just look at the excuses the Christians used to justify their actions, "…we do love everybody, it might sound like we're condemning people, but we're not; we're just preaching the bible." The cops came and the Christians were forcibly removed. Sounds to me like the Christians were deliberately provoking violence. What do you think?
This is one of those amateur 'report your own news' things, isn't it? I can tell because "there" is misspelled:

"'I think it's disgusting, you know we don't go and protest outside churches saying their is no God,' she said."
Skater vs rent a cop battle.?
me and my friend were at the movies with our boards in front of walgreens.The manager said we were allowed to skate right in front of the store so we were playing s.k.a.t.e. and some guy came up to us he was about 6'4 and he asked to borrow my friends board. right after landing a huge nollie flip a rent a cop bounces into action. he jumped out of his gay car. at the same time the tall dude gave my friend back his board. the rentacop started yelling and the dude told him to chill but no. he grabbed at my friends board and i got in the middle of it. the rent a cop pushed me quite violently and i pushed him backwards. immedietly he tackled me to the ground. and i got up and bailed. is he allowed to do that?
No, he isn't allowed to do that. If you would have got this on video you just might have a law suit. lol. These are things you should know being a skater! Know the law and have a lawyer! lol

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