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Are they're any gay teen guys I can talk to?
I'm 15 by the way, and I was wondering if there were any gay guys I could talk to or websites I could chat on, because i'm kinda confused.
I'm 20, so I guess I don't count :[
What's a good job for gay teen guys?
All the gays at my small high school are weird. I want to meet some guys by getting a job. I heard petsmart has a lot of gays... Any other super gay jobs??
r u 18? become a gay porn star.
Is there any gay teen guys that I can talk to?
I'm just looking for a gay teens who are 15-17 that i can talk to... and maybe date but that's not a priority...
I just want a guy to talk to? Anyone?!?
e mail me im 15
Gay Teen Guys: What would you do if you went to an LGBT group?
And the topic of the day was AIDS/HIV and the person running the group said they had a guest speaker who was going to talk about how AIDS/HIV has affected their live and you make a comment about it probably being someone really old to the cute guy next to you and suddenly that guy stood up to speak as in he was the guest speaker who had AIDS and he was around you're age?
First, I would have to get the foot out of my mouth.
Second, I would wait after the seminar and get to know that person more about their struggle.
Where can i meet other straight acting gay teen guys?
im a straight acting gay teen guy and i want the same..
I ask myself the same thing every day. I've heard 1/3 of American football players are gay, so if you're in high-school and you have a football team at your school it's worth taking a look into ;)
Are there any gay or bi teen guys in new orleans?
i live in new orleans and i'm bi. i can't find any bi or gay guys. i'm also 14. i want to meet some friends but i can't seem to find any. any suggestions? someone PLEASE help!
idk but they're definitely some great ones here in NYC.
Where to mean other teen gay guys?
Okay, so I am in high school, and there are like no gay guys (that I know of). Where are some places I could meet some in my area?
Where isss your area?
Also, sign up for facebook, add people from nearby schools? :)
If you're older, go out to the clubs?
Gay Teen Guys: How did you think of sex Ed?
I won't lie, My Sex Ed was drastically lacking. Yea they told us what a condom does, they told us what the pill does and they told us that you can get STDs from having sex. But they never showed us anything or even told us how STDs are gotten...
I agree with the first answer.
Sex ed was during health class in 7th and 8th grade, and we talk more about drugs then sex. There was talk about STDs through needles, hardly about sex, the word only got tossed in once or twice. We learned you either got pregnant, or a std. Condoms were mentioned maybe once.
We learned more in science class about sex then we did in health and sex ed.
It didn't help the health teachers daughter was in the class, kinda awkward there.
Gay teen guys: What was your first gay experience with another guy?
Well people say that you have to expierment before you know your really gay...Well i kinda want to but i dont have any other gay guys i know that would feel up to it :P. And i hear all these other gay teens already having bfs, so im wondering how did they meet them and all?

What im asking is, what age,when,who with, and where did you have your well first gay encounter?
Was it with one of your good friends? How did you find out he was gay if it was? Was it with a stranger you met online? Im just really curious in reading a detailed good story lol.
In my case, I knew I was gay way before I'd done anything sexual. I don't believe you should have to experiment, but everyone's different.

You shouldn't just do something for the hell of it, sex is a special thing...

I was 16, with my first boyfriend... We met online and my first 'gay encounter' was at either mine or his house. He wasn't a 'stranger' we talked online for a while before we met up. We went out for 3 months before I dumped him 'cause he was an emotional wreck. I've had 3 boyfriends since over the course of 3 years.

I've never had a one-night stand and I hope I never do. They just seem so primal and senseless to me.
Wwhere is a good place to find gay teen guys to date and talk to in utah ?
I live in utah and im gay and im 13 and would really like to date another guy that lives in the west valley area what is the best way to find others that are gay here
ugh I need help :(

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