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My BF is turned on by girls peeing their pants now.. is this weird?
he says he's watched a few porn vids where girls do this out of desperation... is this common now.. is this sexy.. is this weird...

being his GF and not wanting to seem like a prude should I go along w/ this and do it for him to be a good GF or just say NO ?
...........................some guys like to watch girls pee...........
Who is a teenager that either enjoys peeing their pants or peeing in a diaper?
I am an 18 year old guy and I absolutely love peeing in my pants or in a diaper. I also get turned on when I see or here stories about girls peeing their pants or in a diaper. If anybody (girls in particular) have any wetting stories, PLEASE SHARE!!!
Lol im 17 and i need diapers at night (but ill sometimes wear them in the day for convenience) and my 10 year old brother is completely incontinent. :)
Why do girls pee their pants more than guys, especially when laughing?
I especially refer to girls around the high school age. I've seen a lot of my female friends pee their pants when in high school. A few times when they held it for too long but in most cases due to laughing. Laughter or giggles seem to make lot of girls and young women lose control over their bladders. Never seen it happen to a guy. I'm not saying it happens to all girls but to a lot of them. Why is that? Is it simply because girls have weaker bladders?
I really don't know, but some girls do NOT have weaker bladders...
Well depends on the girl, but I have a pretty strong bladder:/
But idk, never thought about it:P
How often do teenage girls pee their pants?
My girlfriend always says things like, "It was soo funny we were peein ourselves" and I was just wondering if she actually does pee herself.
Haha it just an expression, but I have made an ex laugh so hard she wet her self. Pregnant chicks sometime will also pee them self if they laugh to hard. I made my friends pregnant sister pee her self last month lol.
Hi all, I need help with my 2 little girls who just started peeing their pants.?
They are ages 3 and 5 and nthing has happened to them in the past 3 years. They have been fully potty trained for years and just started peeing their pants. They say that they dont know that they did it. My 5 yr old is even peeing the bed. I need a list of health problems that could be causing this.
make sure they dont have much to drink before they go to sleep and make sure they go to bathroom before the go to bed - its a phase that will pass - good luck
Why do women pee their pants more than men?
I just got inspired by another question a girl asked on the site a few minutes ago, why do we girls tend to pee in our pants more than men? Because, by experience, i can remember seeing a lot more girls pee their pants than men did!
Women have more going against them in this area than men. From my experience these are the reasons women pee themselves more than men.
1. Because women have to undress to go if their aren't available restrooms they do not have the opportunity to go as often as men (men have much more flexibility on where they can go) and have to hold it longer or pee their pants.
2. Sometimes even if there are restrooms wearing some clothing requires assistance (like a wedding dress and sometimes a prom dress) to go and/or totally removing the dress to go. So often a women in these situations will tend to hold it longer and sometimes wait until it is too late (I too have seen a girl peeing in her prom dress from waiting too long because it was difficult to go wearing the prom dress.)
3. Women can have more trouble holding it when they have to go bad because they have a short urethra so the pressure can be greater than a mans. Women have to learn to rely more on their "secondary sphincter" (that is surrounding muscles, abdomen buttocks legs and movement) to hold it in as well as men and many women (particularly girls and young women) haven't learned to effectively use their "secondary sphincter" when they have to pee real bad.
How can I make a girl pee her pants?
I get a little turned on when girls pee their pants, and I want to find a way to make it happen to my girlfriend. I need something that won't seem too obvious that I'm doing it on purpose. Something like holding her down or tickling her would seem suspicious.

For those of you that contribute nothing to the answers, I am not the most disgusting person in the world, ever heard of necrophilia? Yea, I'm pretty sure thats worse.
K well there isnt a way. sorry to burst your bubble. i had a bf that was into pee too. he got me to pee on him a couple time and it depends on your girl she may be super weirded out by it or if she is a bit kinky she may want to try it out. be honest tell her you want to TRY it but dont push it cause it may make her uncomfortable
Why do cross country runners pee their pants?
My girlfriend, along with basically her whole girls cross country team pee their pants during meets. Why is this? Even if they pee right before the race, some still do. Even some guys do. A couple actually ended up with some extra luggage in their trunk if you catch my drift.
Well you have some 'effin weird runners on your girlfriends team.

We don't piss our shite our pants when we run. Running doesn't cause you to lose control of your bowel movements.
However, maybe the people you're seeing are sweating, and that's it.
Why do festival girls pull down their pants and pee in front of everyone ?
The amount of pink bits i saw at this years V festival was beyond a joke....go behind a tree at least !
I think these girls lack class, are drunk and probably high.

Unless you have a very weird fetish, there is nothing hot about seeing a girl going to the bathroom in front of everyone.

You're right, they need to go behind a tree. I am all for female nudity, just not while they are using the bathroom!
Has any other girl/women peed their pants?
4 days ago i peed my pants on my way home after being out shopping. It was close to my house so I don't think anyone found out except for my mom and my friend who I was with. I had drunk 2 cups of tea and tought that I could hold it until we got home but I couldn't and it all came out. I am still very embarrassed about it but my mother didn't make a big deal about it and my friend later confessed that it had happened to her only a year ago when she was out skiing and couldn't make it to the bathroom. Me and my friend are both 21 years old. Are accidents like these not uncommon among women and girls? Has any other girl had an accident like this? I still feel bad about it.
Oh hun,just laugh it off. It's happened to me twice.The first time I was on my way home from school and got into the hall and it just came out all over my mums carpet. The second time my b/friend was in the bathroom and I was bursting.I held it in for so long but it came out again,this time all over my own carpet.It's just one of those things that happens.I also have little accidents when I laugh too much.

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