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What exactly is a dildo?
My guy friends always talk about girls in pornos playing with dildos. I know wat they are kinda but wat exactly do they do. Help i dont want to be that unknowledgeable around the guys!!! pleez help
Are you guyding? There are two definitions, #1. It is an artificial penis, people use them when they dont have access to, or, need an additional real penis. #2. Its the guy who pulls out in front of you and proceeds to go 35 mph. in a 55 zone, or, its the woman who empties her car ashtray on the ground in the drive thru line. These people can also be called douchebags, you do know what that is right?
How can i get more pleasure out of masturbating?
I am a 14 year old girl and i play with myself everyday. i normally just finger or rub. At sleepovers i have used dildos but i am afraid that my parents would fine it if i got one... any homemade suggestions?
call me lol
LGB&T: I have never been with a girl, but........? (please answer if your over 18)?
I have been thinking about it and when it does, it makes me wet. I have fantasies about hooking up with a girl and eating her out. I think I could do a great job at eating a girl out and playing with her. I am 24 years old and has only been with men. I love the way it feels with men and don't think I can be a lesbian, but maybe bisexual. I don't know why I started having these feelings (about six months ago, I have been thinking about it a lot). I guess I want to give it a try.

The only problem is I don't know where to find a girl that I can hook up with. I know I could try a bar, but I want someone who is clean, if you know what I mean. And most people in bars just want to keep hooking up with different people anyways.

So, here are my questions:

1. What does the first time feel like? Does it feel awkward? I know how I like to be pleased and I think I could give a girl a great time, but I am afraid once it happens, I don't know what I would do! lol..

2. Girls: What do you like to do in bed? How do you like to be pleased? Do you like to be ate out and played with a dildo and be touched everywhere? Is there anything else that you love a girl doing to you? (you can email me if you don't want to go into details on here).

3. Has anyone had these feelings that has been with men the whole time?

4. Where is the best place to find someone who is a lesbian or bisexual? I know that bars/clubs would be a good place, but I don't want to hook up with someone that has been all over the place. (I know you never know who a person has been with though, but I do NOT want any diseases).

5. Do you think it is possible falling in love with a girl, when I want a family and love being with men? I don't think I could ever fall in love with a girl, because I would prefer having a family with a man, but I would like to find someone that I can be with for a few months (and I would tell her, unless something happened and I DID fall in love with her, which I don't think I would). If I really liked the girl and like playing around with her, I would want to be with her for a while just to have fun.

THANKS so much for answering! :)
1. It feels weird the very first time (kind of like the first time your with a guy), then absolutely amazing. Definately better than being with men and definately more pleasurable because you can connect with the person on a deeper/different level.
2. Everybody's different. Personally, I'll try anything and everything atleast once, but I don't prefer toys.
3. I used to be "straight", some would have even possibly regarded me as a homophobe. I went through alot of internal struggle with my sexuality and largely because fear of my family. However, after my first year of being involved with girls, I gradually stopped seeing guys. I know now I'd rather be with a woman in the end.
4. If you find out, let me know? lol It's hard to meet people. But it's the same as meeting a straight, online, or just out in the world. It's harder to tell who is and isn't gay without offending someone unless they advertise it...
5. Yes. If you are at all like me, you fall in love with the person-- who they are and how they make you feel. Just be open minded.

Overall, you may be confused about your sexuality. I wouldn't anticipate the future to much, especially since you've never been with a female. You may try it, and not like it at all. Just be open minded, live in the NOW, be safe and have fun... Goodluck hun.
Is it gay to enjoy anal masterbation if your straight?
Im 20 years old and been sexually active for a few years im straight and love being with woman never thought about dudes in a sexual way.

However i am perverted i enjoy watching alot of porn and am open minded i like kinky sex and anal play with girls. I also enjoy anal masterbation with dildo ect i love the feeling and it turns me on but after everytime i do it i feel guilty and less of a man so to speek. When i hang out with my mates i feel less manly around them because they to my knowlage havent done anything like that and if they knew i did that they would look at me differently and call me gay even known im not. Can someone explain why i feel guilty afterwards even known alot of straight men do the same thing cheers.
The anus holds the prostate which is the male g-spot. In actuality you are doing things right!
It's not gay. It would be gay if you experimented with men, and then wanted to hold hands and cuddle with them afterwards. That's what separates anal erotic and homosexual. Lots of straight men and women participate in these acts!
Your friends don't know what goes on in your bedroom unless you tell them.
Oky this is a question about my girl! girls please help here and be honest...?
Ok the thing is I have a 6.5inch and about 5inch in girth so it's not the biggest but also not the smallest and the thing is my girl is talking about getting a dildo for me to play with her and stuff... I'm kinda of worried because i'm not small and I usually last for about 30-40n minutes and it seems like i'm no good to her anymore the whole day she will talk about sex and stuff when we are around people and but when we are alone she's tired and wants to sleep or don't feel well it's been going on like this for about a month now we are having sex for like 1year now and we were both virgins! I mean is this normal? and if it is maybe she just want to have a dildo... LOL so maybe if you can tell me what's a good one for a beginner because she says she never used one before.

I'm kinda worried really felling like she's getting bored of me and stuff and I love her very much and don't wanna bored her in bed my biggest desire is to let her have multiple orgasms so please any help
Here's the thing. You can get advice here about vibrators and other sex toys, but it's easy to tell that this isn't your main question. What you really want (and need) to know is why your girlfriend has lost interest in having sex with you. And the ONLY person who tell you is . . . her.

So, even though it is hard to do, you need to ask her what's going on. Maybe she really is just tired or doesn't feel well. Maybe she wishes she could be there for you. (One clue is to ask yourself this: does she still do stuff for you with her hand or mouth when you want it, or does she beg off from that as much as she can?)

As to what is normal, well, yes, it is normal not to want sex as much after the first big rush of the relationship. It is not normal not to want it at all, but people go through periods of wanting it less, just like there are times when they want it more. But you are naturally afraid that it is something else. Maybe she is losing interest in you, and that would hurt a lot. So, talk with her. If it is true, then it will hurt less if you hear it sooner rather than later, and if it isn't true, you are worrying about nothing.

Bottom line: You have to clear the air. Find out what she wants, so the two of you can work out the next step. I wish you well.
What movie is this? hellp?
lol this is gonna be a little graphic but it was this one scene that i can only remeber so here it goes

The girl from that 70's show who played donna i think laura prepon.... when she was playing a girl in college and a guy with red hair walked in with her character using a dildo, and he needed to use a computer or something....ya
Part 2 of am i gay bi or str8?
i didnt think anything of it we just made the x and thats it. also when i was younger i thot a lot of people around me were gay and got scared of them coming after me. i hung with my two male frends when i was like 12-15ish we did the normal guy stuff like football and wrestling. and while i wrestled them i still didnt think about it or feel aroused. i was trying to win like them and be tough. i was though kinda left out and ditched by them sometimes and was pissed. i played football in 7th grade and never thot anything about that either, and i wrestled freshman yr. still no gay or bi thots. i have researched about that like most gays know at a young age and i recall not feeling different like that. so yeah just to say, this one time my stepdad brought me to a hockey game that he was reffing for. in the changing room he got naked and i saw his penis by accident and didnt feel attracted to it and turned away. any ways um the real trouble was when my mom remarried and i was forced out of my house and moved. while going to a new school jun year. i still didnt think about being gay, i wanted a girlfrend still really bad. so one year almost passed and around xmas i dont remember what exactly but i was 16 i think and started having thoughts about being gay or something and that night i was terrified and so sick i cud hardly go to bed. time went on and i kept thinking i was gay when i never had a girlfrend or never did anything with anybody and nevr have to this day (prude, virgin etc). i was way more depressd before and wanted to kill myself. some days id be liking girls again and feel my good ole self and then ther was days id be thinking iwas gay and be really down.i wanted to go back to the way i used to be. so basically i had hardships like every winter with things i thought i was having truble with fighting the devil or my own self paranoia. trouble came with masturbation and if i thout about a guy by accident or if i got sombodys name in my head. so i was happier thinking i was straight and not gay. my mom who i have lived with my whole life had a gay frend and isnt judgemental. i think i made a bad gay joke about him once and she got pissed caz he died a few years earlier. so yeah these thots of being gay were ruining my life and i wanted to kill myself. i went to a therapist for the devil stuff and for my absent father in life and i brought up to him at the end of my time ther that i dont know if im gay or not and had a hard time telling my feelings. he said i might be bi or what ever and mentioned gay and i completely resisted and was trying to keep straight. he said what if you were bi,whats wrong with taht u still like girls and i still rejected that idea. i was still attracted to women and dont think i ever lost it. they were always a part of my masturbation routine. so time went by again and i still have had trouble with this to this day. to try to wrap this up i think that i might be hocd or something because i think ive been leaning more towards straight and not gay recently.and i always question whether im gay or not and still dont know. idk i thot i was gay because i fingered my self once during masturbation and later realized that it was a g spot for guys and that many straight guys like it. that brought relief. but i still question this all the time. im almost 18 and dont know if its a phase or bi curious or hormones and have recently watched gay porn to see if i got a ***** and i didnt. but i watched solo girls with dildos and got one and liesbians and got one. in the past i masturbated to guy and girl and didnt think anything of it and tried to focus on the girl and wehn i herd the mans moans or voice i got turned off and was pissed caz i wanted to hear just the girl. today i had an experience by accident i was walking out of my class and my guy frends hand brushed my private area by mistake and i was freaked out and didnt think about gay thoughts and was like, ok never again even tho it was by accident. so i have climaxed to guys a couple times and have felt sick after.and have felt attracted to them a bit last yr junoir year. like for ex, i was once again trying to see if i was gay and lined up 2 piks together. one of a guy in underwear and another of a chick in a tight top. and my eyes went to the man and didnt get off till i was done after i felt sick and was like what did i do? i dont know whats going on with me and i really feel messed up for not knowing caz i want to. and this has happened only a couple times to me and i still love women and recently ive been srtaight and wanted to go out with this hot girl but panic evtime i try to talk to her. and wen i see her i concentrate on her and not guys. and when i have good days and masturbate guys dont even enter my mind and i feel relaxed after i masturbated to women and a nervous wreck with guys. thers prolly things i left out but u guys can make sense of this mess i hope. yeah im really confused i have an uncle that idk if hes gay and
Straight. also long my eyes hurt.
Hey Guts!

I asked this question earlier and people said I didn't give enough information so here it goes.

To start off I am a 20 year old male. I have a best friend (Todd) who I have know my entire life. We lived across the street from one another and were born only 1 day apart. We both were only guyren and grew up like brothers. More then brothers really. We are like twins. We have everything in common, always went to the same schools, played on the same teams, did everything with one another. We even today go to the same college, are room mates, and are taking the same classes.

Todd is awesome!!! He is sweet, charming, intelligent, very good looking for a guy, funny, just a completely great guy. He is amazing!!! He is even single now and bisexual. I am completely in love with him. Not just love him I am completely head over heals in love with him. I also knows he loves me. Only problem is I am 100 percent straight. I wish I was gay or at least bi, but no, I am straight.

One time I did have a few drinks and I made out with him. I loved being so close and near to him and holding him all night long, but the sex thing just grossed me out. I mean I tried to orally please him but the smell and taste of a penis made me puke. I couldn't get erect. I even tried to have him anally penetrate me and was just grossed out by the thought. I thought I could at least do that considering I have had girls use dildos on me and loved it, but I just couldn't do it with him and I wanted to so badly.

After that, the next day I did try to explain myself and of what happened and of why. He was so angelic and sweet all he said was, "Its cool man. You were just drunk last night and that's the only reason you even tried it and I am sorry that I took advantage of you and the situation Nickie, I know your straight and I won't ever try that again cause our friendship means so much to me." What the heck was I suppose to do then. I told him I was sorry and it was my fault and I wanted to cause I love him. He just smiled at me with those big brown eyes and said "I love you to and nothing will ever change that".

I don't understand how I can be in love with someone so much that it hurts and I can't remotely be sexually attracted to them. I mean I could live the rest of my life with him and just masturbate with him in the room an be happy forever. That would be enough for me. Its just I physically can't get aroused with him sexually. Even though that night went no where with sex it was the best night of my life. Holding him near me. Kissing and hugging him. It was awesome.

I know I can't ask him to be with me. Who wants to be with someone who finds them sexually unattractive? I just also don't want to lose him. I don't know what advice anyone could give, but if anyone has any I would be grateful to here it. I mean if he was a girl he would be perfect. He is already my soul mate...
You don't need sex to validate how close you two are. You're attracted to women, so be it. Don't try forcing things.

The reason we have friends, people which extend outside of our family, is because no ONE person can suffice ALL our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Just reflect on that a little.
The same goes for relationships. It's unrealistic to assume our partner can suffice all those needs. It's why we have FRIENDS, plural.

Cherish this for what it is. You're straight. He satisfies you on an emotional level, and makes you feel special. You don't need sex to validate that. He gives you the equivalent - an orgasm of the soul.

I think this question and answer may help:

"So I’m having this problem with my sexual identity. The problem is, every time I’ve tried to be in a relationship with a woman or even move towards it I’ve found it incredibly unsatisfying and I just have none of those feelings, but I’m still sexually attracted to women. I find myself really not sexually attracted to men, but romantically very attracted to them— to the point where I’ve been drifting into a relationship with a very nice guy lately but I can’t really see myself being sexually satisfied by it at all.

I guess the poorly worded/presented problem here is, my sexual and romantic attractions are ill-suited to each other and it’s really tearing me up inside because lately I’ve wanted something more from both sides but it’s starting to feel really incomplete. Short of a complete overhaul/psychotherapy, what the hell is wrong with me and how can I fix it enough that I can be happily with someone in some meaningful way?"

Dude. You’re twenty. Don’t get ahead of yourself with all this “man” ****. You’re still very much a boy. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with being a boy. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you at all.
You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You’ve just got some inner conflict due to a shitty set of external guidelines about male homosociality in Western culture combined with your own internal expectation of romantic perfection upon which people your age consistently and unreasonably insist.

The kind of male romantic friendship you describe is really no big deal. I know it doesn’t fit neatly into the boring, binary, middle-minded modality of normative relationships, but **** dude, Abraham Lincoln had the same kind of bromance.

In other words, you don’t need to make this about your sexual identity. This isn’t about gay or straight. Sure, it might turn out that way, but you seem pretty earnest about the difference between your romantic and your sexual attractions.

Don’t worry about the labels. Just be emotionally present and brutally honest with yourself and with the people in your relationships. You’ll be fine.

One other thing, please get rid of the notion that one perfect, magical unicorn of a soulmate is going to come along and provide you with all of your emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.

That kind of thinking is crippling. It borders on insanity, and it single-handedly accounts for an overwhelming majority of all the bullshit relationship issues out there. Seriously, quit it.

What I’m saying is, get your sex from people with whom you’re sexually attracted. Get intimacy from people with whom you’re romantically attracted. Get companionship from the people with whom you just plain attract.

Get meat from the butcher, man. We’ve all got our roles to play.

- Hope that helped-
Girls only... horny :)?
im 15 and a virgin. im soo horny right now.. and normaly always. iv tryed playing with my clit while watchn porn.. sexting and rubbing my clit... ridding pillows... and putting small things up 'there'. but nothings really doing it for me.. i like it real ruff but cant seem to find any better ways.. please help! what are some ideas.. btw im under age to buy dildos and vibrators :/ xo
Can't tell u freely on here in details.
Call me and let me help u
Girls don't care about guys feelings?
girls always say that guys are insensitive but you are the one always playing with our feelings as if we are some life less dildo, why?
Because most guys don't show their feelings. They just act all manly and tough. It would be different if you saw guys crying here and there.

©, girls playing with dildos