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Why do innocent girls turn into hot sluts?
I've noticed that kind girls very often turns into sluts when they're getting like 12-14 and starting to develop a womanly body. I've had a few female nice and innocent best-friends during my guyhood/early teens (I'm 17 now) but now they don't even greet me if I randomly meet them, and they wear revealing clothes, heavy make-up, have sex, and some drinks and smokes. It's not only my ex-friends, but I've also seen geeky girls with few friends, and suddenly when they start in junior high school, they are popular, hot chicks.
It is hard to generalize, and not nice to categorize people one way or the other. So, if by slut, you mean someone who has se.., but only a female, but a male who is included in the picture has no derogatory name attached to him. If a lady decides to play up her assets, she gets a term, but a guy showing off his physique is just a buff dude in your part of the country. So, let's not categorize, and generalize when we only hear one side of the story.
What are teens supposed to wear in hot weather without looking trampy?!?
If it's hot out, and a group of teens wanna go to the park, what would we wear? If we wear tank tops and shorts (which was MADE to be worn in hot weather) then it is fairly obvious we are going to be called frickin' sluts. Or, at least, that's what people say around here when you wear that kinda stuff. What could I do to the outfit to make it look more reserved without getting a heat stroke?
Something light in fabric as well as color.
If you are going to wear a little top wear something thin that's a little bit longer under (like a wifebeater) that's what I do.

Sun dresses do the trick too, or light skirts; if you're gonna wear a tiny skirt or shorts wear some light tights underneath.

This is stuff I do. Also wear your hair up if it's long cause that has A LOT to do with it too!

Hope this helps!
Teen guys: what r your turn ons?
Hey guys. All the teen guys out there: what r some of your turn ons and what kind(s) of. girl(s) do u like? Just curious! Do u like handcuffs or cuddling? Good nice girls or hot sluts? No make up or lots of make up? Anything u can think of that turns u on! Well maybe not EVERYTHING haha. Thanks!
turn on: a girl who can cook
turn off:a girl who has a hairy kitty/smells bad
What to wear to a teen dance club..?
My friend is having her birthday party at this teen dance club; i've never been there before but almost all of my other friends have and they say it's ridicously fun and there are really hot guys but also a LOT of sluts.. so what should i wear? i don't want to look like a whore, but i don't want to cover up EVERYTHING. if that makes sense; like show my arms and legs obviously haha
Tight cute purple dress, gray flats, straight hair, little cute coin purse, Silver heart clip in ur hair, Foundation (ur color skin), purple eye-shadow, black mascara, black eyeliner, and pink lipstick. I hope this helped! Good luck at the club!!:)
Why do people say Robin is Gay when he is dating Starfire?
Have you see Starfire in the comics, she is really hot and total slut. witch is funny cause her personality is about the same has the dumb teen titans cartoon. just wondering how people can call Robin gay when he is dating a hot chick like her. and the fact she doesn't wear much for an outfit.
Since he was ten years old he's been living with an older guy, all alone, in a mansion. If that doesn't settle it, he actually walks around in bright yellow, green, and red. Not to mention those shorts, and as for the Starfire thing. He wouldn't marry her, odd? No, because he's a "loner" right...So much of a loner he worked with Bats for years...Plus the multiple pictures passed around the net.…

....Or people could just be homophobic, and get the wrong image when a billionaire, who's secretly a hero, shows sympathy to a young boy whose parents just died. Go figure...
Why do i feel like kicking teen whores from my high school?
Why do i feel like snapping their necks everytime i see them. You know the girls who take myspace pictures of them showing the middle finger drinking or smoking. The girls who get high smoke and get wasted on weekends. Who are usually hot but major sluts getting banged all the time. Girls who have attitudes and think they can have it their way. When ever i see them i want to kick them in the face i hate them to make it worse they are either italian or irish trash girls.
This is a normal reaction when encountering whores
In need of a sexy, yet classy outfit for teen club!?
okay so in a week, some of my friends and i are going to a teen club party. the theme is hollywood. i am fifteen years old and this is my second time going to one of these clubs. i want to dress cute, and a little sexy (maybe a little cleavage/a short-ish dress/skirt) but CLASSY. and definitely not skanky/trashy. even though the other girls dress like total sluts, i like to keep it classy :)

also, i want to be comfortable, because they are 4 hours long, and it gets really hot/sweaty in there.

+ it is a teen club night for ages 13-18.
the club is an actual club, but on certain nights, they have it only for teens.

any suggestions? you can post links if you want.
thanks for your time loves! (:

me and my friends like to go sometimes because it is super fun!
I think this top is adorable and might be just what your looking for. pair it with some cute black or white shorts and matching flats and your good to go. you will be comfy and still looks hot.…

maybe some shoes like these. im not really sure on your style but i hope it helps.…
What should i be for halloween this year? (teen girl)?
This year i am going trick-or-treating with some of my friends, i dont want to look like a total slut (but i do wanna look kinda hot) because i have a party at my house at night with parents and guys and some of them are younger....please help me halloween is less than 10 DAYS AWAY!

be a barbie doll wear pink sparkly clothes blonde wig and heels or be a cute nerd wear big glasses plaid mini skirt knee high socks with black shoes
Why do 99% of girls dress nice, but 97% are not sluts?
anyone else notice this
i went to the mall today drunk with some freinds. anyhow i noticed that say 99% of teen girls try to look beautiful and a great deal are very attractive. i noticed some girls who are going to be freshman at my school anyhow
point is. They were looking so fine, than i saw my ex anyhow. She was looking Hot, but
than i think i realized like 95% of girls or more are not whores or sluts, mabye wat 1% of women are sluts/whores and a 1% of 1% 1% or so are pornstars or strippers?
so Yet so many girls will dress really hot or slutty, no bra' short short skirts and short shorts that are so tiny, and that make up style megan fox does to bring her eyes out. Yet these girls usually are not down unless their that 2% or so that is slutty and will get wasted at say a party and Bang, or they will just get with a guy

it seems all these other girls
dress as hot as they can to tease us guys, or attract the perfect Boy freind or some stuff like that
I notice this too.. Some jealous skanks always call me a whore or a slut because I like name brands and I try to look my best.

I didn't know dressing classy and wearing high end brands made you a "slut"

most girls that are called sluts aren't actually sluts they are just heated on
What to where to teen night at club pure , in sayreville nj ?
imma girl, and i wanna look realllllly hot , and i know all my guy friends are gunna go for the sluts but .. i wanna look like them! but not too skankish you know? well if anyone can help me it would be great well , heres the clubs site if needed ..!
wow, maybe you should wear a short skin tight dress and some heels. That's not too "skankish" but it's alright for a teen girl.

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