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All Comments

If gay men are allowed to see straight men naked in public showers?
.....why aren't straight men allowed to see women naked in public showers? Gay men are allowed in mens rooms even though they are sexually aroused by naked men.
You need to learn some empathy to see things from another point of view and stop thinking of yourself. Probably because some lesbian would object to you monopolizing the straight women and they don't want the competition. Hope this helps you realize that both genders have voyeurs. Maybe you should consider joining a mixed voyeur group so you can see how much you have in common.
For the the ladies: would you watch men naked in public showers if you could?
So if you could be invisible for 1 hour in the male locker room/shower area of a high school or a gym, would you stick around there some and enjoy the view? (wink)
Uuuuh no. I'm not straight. But I wouldn't do that to women either.
Do the men at your gym/public pool/anywhere else public shower naked?
and do they have privacy, or is it just like open. And if you were to walk in and see a naked man showering, what would you think. (obviously men only)
Guys at my gym shower naked and also use the sauna and steam room naked. Our showers are all in one large room with columns coming up from the floor that each have three shower heads on them. Most all of the guys, me included, shower totally nude and barefoot. A few guys wear flip flops in the shower and have seen only one wear underwear while he showers.

I'm also gay and to me showering nude is no big deal. If a guy checks me out he checks me out. That's no big deal either. I see naked guys showering all the time and have since High School when showers were mandatory after phys ed. I was also an athlete, competing in gymnastics for over 12 years. Once I hit high school level showers were a pretty regular thing after practices and meets too.

The problem many have with nudity in general and nudity in public is the stupid American view that nudity is somehow "dirty" or "bad" or innately sexual. This stems as much from the Victorian views that for whatever reason refuse to die as anything. Although I have been naked every time I have had sex, I have not had sex every time I have been naked.
What's the difference between a TSA agent inspecting naked images of women/men in public view and Nazi...?
officers stripping women, inspecting their private parts while their family watch from behind? If a robot shot you in the head instead of a cop, would that make it OK? The time has come for lawsuits, boycotts, and protests. America, let's resist.
So let me get this right.
You object to a man or woman, who cannot see you in the flesh, looking at a ghost image of you naked, to ensure you are not carrying a weapon or explosives before you board a flight with up to 450 other souls on board?

If that is your objection then feel free to protest. The best sort of protest you can organise is by staying away from the airport and not flying anywhere.

I personally cannot see how you can feel offended by this action. Ever had an X-Ray done of your pelvis?
This action is being undertaken to increase your safety. The Nazis did what they did to humiliate people that they saw as animals.

Personally I believe that airports should be allowed to use racial profiling.
I do not mean to offend anyone of the Muslim faith but how any Christians have recently tried to kill themselves in public by wearing an explosive waistcoat?

Not all Muslims are terrorists but a bloody large percentage of terrorists appear to be Muslim right now.

I am sure that the thumbs down brigade will have a field day and I am sure that some bleeding heart liberal will report me to mummy in the form of Yahoo answers for being rude and probably ranting.

Please people, get a life. If all you have to worry about is a person 4 rooms away maybe seeing that you have a genital piercing then come and have my life and understand what problems are.

Why do pride parades have to be about naked men?
Everytime I see the various different pride parades they are always seem to be more about naked men dancing around in public then just being gay. I think they are just a bunch of lunatics that are trying to warp our guys minds. According to the pride parades in order to be happy about being gay you must walk around at least half naked. Please someone explain this to me.
it should matter is disrespectful, you do not see straight people running around naked. I just fear for the poor guyren thats all.

thats why when I found out there was a gay teacher at my sons school I automatically had him pulled from all of his classes and informed to school to keep him away from my guy. Many other parents have done the same.
Why arent' there more naked men in the media/public places?
I am so sick of seeing half dressed women and posters and stuff like that everywhere I go. I want it to be more equal. I want to rent a movie and OOPS a naked guy turns up in it. Do you women agree it's not balanced???
Yes its definitely not balanced. Because 90% of men enjoy watching naked women , whereas, 90% of women do not enjoy watching naked men.
Why is it acceptable in the US for men to be top naked in public and on TV?
but not women.

Breasts are breasts. Nipples are nipples. Chests are chests. Why are women's so shocking and forbidden?
There is no rational reason.
I think gay men inclined towards artistic-creative field?
I joined YA group of T E G A, Tom of Findland erotic arts and surprised because I found a lot of anonymous gay artists with magnificent drawing. They seems very professional at. They don't sell drawing of naked man at public, but somehow they keep it underground. I bet one of them actually a professional painter/comic book artist...And I think a lot of, lot of gay men actually working as a background in artistic industry, they do the straight job...but why they still hiding behind the straight-curtain?
When they gonna to have the revival..
PS: I'm so pround with Patrick Fillon, and other great artist who coming out
And yes, reduce the nudity for quality, plz
Yeah I guess so :0). I'm gay and I write poetry and use to be a musician when I was at school, asuming when you say artistic-creative field your encompassing all the arts.

I sometimes sketch or draw pictures, I'm not really good but I do draw interesting things lol :0).
Why do I like to shower with naked men?
I'm a guy and everytime im in a public lockeroom I love to shower nude with other men. I only like to shower like this in front of strangers and not when there are any guyren around. The naked male body does not turn me on, in fact I'd rather not see another man naked. I also love women and have had relationships and do not think that I'm gay. Still, I love to shower with these other men. Why is that?
Perhaps you just enjoy being naked yourself, and you're a closet nudist?

Alternatively you could be a mild exhibitionist streak, you feel like you have something to show off and like doing it.

Questions to ask yourself: Does it really matter if there's other people around, or do you enjoy being nude on your own? Does it have to be men, and does their own state of dress matter?

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