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Would you pay to look at pictures of a young women's sexy feet and legs?
Someone I know is starting a porn website. She wants to only feature close up pics of her cute feet and her legs. Would you guys out there pay to see them?
Not sure that's porn but there are people with odd fetishes. Myself, no. I would not pay for that. But then again we watch movies and television and magazines that exploit sexuality.
I imagine there are some out there that would pay.
A girl in my class has really sexy legs and feet?
I just want to suck her toes sooo bad. How can I ask without seeming creepy?
to be honest, you cant. i mean, you have every right to want to suck her toes, and i am not against that sort of thing. but there is no way you can ask her this without coming off creepy. if you really must, try talking to her and gauging her personality. then sway to the conversation to feet, maybe complement her feet. see how she takes it. hell, even try betting you could lick her toes or something. these are just a few ways, but if you do end up getting dared to do it, or betting you could do it, dont seem too eager. seeming really exited by it will creep her out. act apprehensive, but not so much that you seem utterly disgusted by it.
Do guys like sexy legs and feet when making love to a girl ...?
or does it really matter ? i spend hours waxing my legs and painting my toenails and feet but do guys really notice when making love in the bedroom ?
yes i love to feel and grab girls legs when making love to them. I think legs are the sexiest feature of a woman.

wow your whole body looks great. time well spent i guess.
Do guys get turned on by sexy legs and feet ?
i have amazing legs and feet which most guys seem to love when having sex. i get turned on by guys touching and kissing my legs and feet when being screwed. is that important for most uys or not ?
Of course.It works on Man & women as well.Jogging is the best way 2 have sexy legs & feet.Remember our secret part is consist of vein,which is attached with toe.
My bf thinks my legs & feet look sexy in pantyhose & I do too. ladies-what is your favorite ph to wear?
so afar as for looks and comfort.. Also, how many women
wear pantyhose every day & also ever to bed with a cute
nightie for your bf?
I wear everyday to sleep, if you are to wear a nightie, wear a silky one and a slinky one so that when you wear your pantyhose, you will feel so pampered.
Why are legs and feet sexier than arms and hands?
and why do people find short shorts/miniskirts sexually attractive, whereas tank tops aren't really attractive at all?
This may sound odd but i think that people are subconciously more attracted to parts of the lower body because that is the most sexual part of the body. The arms and the head are not close to the sex organs and are therefore they are not considered to be sexy bodyparts. The legs and butt play a huge part when having sex so we are subconciously more attracted to these parts. And thats it is sexy to men when girls show off these parts by wearing short bottoms. This is my opinion and it may be wrong. Thats just my guess. Hope it made since to you. As for the feet being sexy, maybe thats because feet are usually hidden and therefore they seem to be a mysterious body part.
I think pantyhose makes a woman's legs & feet look very sexy & I love to feel them on a woman-do most agree?
How many women love the feel of a nice expensive pair of
pantyhose sliding up on your smooth legs? How many women
wear or would wear them for your man if he found this a turn-on
instead of bare legs? How many guys llove pantyhose on a woman?

Pantyhose looks really hot on a woman -check out these
website or
I wear pantyhose almost every day. Even in the summer, because I think hosiery is necessary to complete the right look.
Guys- what do you find sexier- a skirt with soft silky nude pantyhose or bare legs? are stocking feet sexy?
I have heard pantyhose are not in- but my past bf's always
seemed to go crazy when I put on a pair and love when
I wear them even with a nightie to bed?
Any girls out there have any guys like them to wear
pantyhose/nylons and do you do that for your man?

ANybody even keep them on when having sex-by cutting
a hole in the crotch area?
yes i love having a woman in pantyhose just somethign about the way she looks and feels in them turns me on and yes i have ripped a hole in the crotch area for sexual purposes i also like to kiss and suck a girls toes through her pantyhose
How many women here think of feet as being "sexy"?
I love sexy feet, shoes, and pretty faces. Something about a woman with nice legs and feet (along with a pretty face) makes her seem stronger, taller, and more confident. If only women the power that existed in their feet... I want to know if this type of "fetish" is normal or something that women look down upon. Thanks!
sexy feet? well that's a new one. if my boyfriend had a fetish with feet more than the rest of me, i'd be a bit creeped out lol :) but if he just said once, "you have hot feet" i wouldnt think too much into it. i'd just be flattered actually.

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