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Boys, long legs and short skirts?
If you saw a girl with long legs, should she wear short skirts or somethin like skinny jeans to show her figure?

Even though short skirts show more leg, i dont know whether thats a good or bad thing as people will either see it as complimentary or slutty :/

Also girls id like your opinion x
As long as the short skirts aren't TOO short, then they're fine.
I love woman who wear business suits and short skirts and showing off their long, sexy legs.?
I am a 22 years old female.
And i have a fetish of woman with long, sexy, lean legs.
I love to look at woman's legs when they are wearing short skirts.
Am i normal or am i crazy?
WOOOO!!! now i don't feel crazy!!... seriously, legs make me drool... they are the sexiest part of a womans body... i like panties a lot too but i'm not sure why
short skirts make me want to explode

i'm just glad to know that i'm not the only leg freak
I have short legs and strong thighs, what type of skirts will suit me better?
mini skirts, medium skirts, long skirts, short one with ruffles, pencil skirts, skirts that wrap around legs.......? which types?
try an aline skirt :D

that should look good on you my sister is the same way :D

and if by strong thighs you mean curves you could pritty much where any skirt ;D
Are short skirts okay to wear if you have long legs or will i look too lanky?
i have super long legs because i'm super tall :P i really like skirts that go up to just above the knee.
lol above the knee-of course that's fine!
yeah if you have long legs it looks really great why not show off those legs,
i wish i could haha. just wear flats, and leaving your hair down will balance it.
What type of outfits should I wear to make my legs look longer,I have a long torso and short legs?
I like to wear shorts and short skirts but I feel comfortable,My torso is long ang legs are quite short
Dark jeans and skinny jeans are best for you. Dont get cuffed jeans/pants tho or gauchos..they will make ur legs look shorter. a top that is tight at the bust then flares out with skinny jeans are good choices, and try heels to make ur legs look longer but make sure they are pointy or peep rounded heels
ookkk so i really like this guy and i have like really cute skirts. well i have curvy ( not fatty ) nice long legs. will it turn him on if i wear short skirts?
oh heeell yea
Do you like the girls wearing short skirts but with long hair ontheir legs euuu?
i had seen that type crazyyyyy na
No if grls hve to wear vshort skirts thn their hair must not be so long its jst like uuuu
I'm 5'10, weigh 100 lb., I have long legs, and am skinny. What short skirts would look good on me?
Short skirts.
i am 5'10 and i thought i was underweight at around 130 lbs.
i suggest you try gaining a little weight to make your legs sexier.
stickwith knee lenght for now.
Should short skirts be only for long legged girls?
Or does it look good in short girls too?
sure, short skirt makes you look longer. it is perfect for short girls.

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