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Why is my daughter showing off her breasts?
She is 15, and a pretty quiet girl. We are religious, go to church weekly. She has begun to show off more of her breasts, and I am worried someone will see more than they should. What do you think her motive is?
In my opinion, I think most girls do so to either show off, attract attention, or to make guys notice her more. Almost every teenage girl does it.
Why do women show off their breast by the way they dressed?
Do you think this is true?i read in a psychology article that men who tend to be attracted to women because of the breast appeal tend to be playboys, would tend to seek the fairer next one so such guys have no sense of loyalty. Would "discard" women when they are no longer attractive, old, wrinkled.
On the other hand, do women of such kind have no sense of loyalty too? Would they go the the person, male or lesbian who would pamper them with material desires and transfer to another if their present relation is already inadequate to provide their wimps?
I've often heard it said, "if you have it, flaunt it". However, I don't subscribe to such a maxim. Modesty is still a virtue for me. Anyway, there's a false bravado or a sense of satisfaction/gratification in women who dare to bare their front in the way they dress when the menfolk give them the appreciative whistles or looks. Not all men who do that are playboys as you've suggested. Some are the decent, boy-next-door type of men who just appreciate beauty when they see it. In like manner that women who are large-breasted are not fickle or flirt. It just so happen that they are more blessed than the others and are happy with what they've got that they take pride in "showing" their asset.

Not all big-breasted women are butterflies...flitting from one flower to another. Even the medium-sized or small-sized breasted women do that. It entirely depends on the woman's character, breeding and sense of propriety; on what she considers modest and not.
Do guys want a girlfriend who is always showing off her breasts?
How would you guys feel if your girlfriend is ALWAYS showing off her breasts everywhere she goes. What if she didn't own one top that didn't show off her cleavage and everywhere you went guys would stare. Would you tell her she needs to cover up? If you saw a girl in a bar who was dressed like that would you see her as girlfriend material or just a one night stand? night stand, easy access/lay and a girl with major insecurity problems that's probably got lots of issues. That's why guys are all over girls like this, their easy to use and mess around with mentally and physically, but since they have little self worth, their even easier to get rid of without worrying about how mean you go about doing it.
Ladies - How would U feel if your bf privately tells U that your camel toe or breast is showing to much?
My gf likes to wear tight shorts that shows her camel toe or she would not wear a bra and wears a semi see thru shirt.....showing off her beautiful breast to the world....I point this out telling her I don't feel comfortable when she does that and she would get upset at me. Am I wrong to point this out? I see all the guys head turn and just stare at her.....which makes me upset!
Lighten up Brucey, she is just proud of her looks and enjoys attention. Many women dress for others. Just enjoy the fact that you have such a sexy woman and that other find her attractive.

Can I get away with telling a male work associate that "Your tight jumper is showing off your man breasts"?
Is that sexual discrimination of any variety?
Just be very careful you don't say it in a sexually turned on kind of way.
Why do some women show off their cleavage either the breast or butt?
i found many girl showing off their cleavage why do they do that to attract men??? and why do they feel offended when men look right into it not as close as you think but when we stare right at the place??
you know i like to wear like short shorts or tops ect. but that's what i like to wear and custom to. and not not for attention either. its being sexy. and yes of typical men would stare but you know i don't care what others think. i don't see or stare at others and the way they dress whether its gothic ect.
Breast reduction scars don't go away. Any cream to cover them from showing off?
Already tried scar gels like mederma but the scar doesn't fades away. Finally decided to use something that can atleast cover it and make it look like skin color ? anything to wear over scar like fading cream or something? Reddish flatthened scar around nipples and all the way around crease of breasts.
Have you tried bio-oil? It is a formula that contains vitamin E with is vital for reducing scarring. It needs to be applied twice a day.
You can buy it from most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Also known to reduce stretch marks to sever scars from car crashes.
Are you showing off your breasts this Thanksgiving?
You know, turkey breasts...

Another q, did your job have one of those Thanksgiving parties where you ate too damn much??
I'm comin' round for a juicy thigh, kitten.

I'm a stay at home home, so no. I usually snort yellow cake mix off of the bare midriffs of other stay at home moms. It's what we do.

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