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Who thinks the sweet 16 show is bullcrap?
everytime i watch sweet 16 it makes me sick.....they are soo spoiled and get everything and they still find the littlest things to complain about adn thier parents dont do ne thing about it....they aren't disiplined at all.....like the girl who said she hated her mom because she gave her the car earlier instead of at the birthday party...and then complained it wasnt even the right color!!!! There are alot of teens out there who have to work therre *** off just to get a hooptie...and even then appreciate it...whats up with those so called parents...those little girls are stuck up and dont care about n e thing but themselves and thier louie vuitton bags....how about they take soem of that money and donate to sick guyren and animal shelters..instead of throwing parties for there high maintenance materialistic zombie guys???
A movie or show may not be as we want. It may teach you what you could do or perhaps have done. this show is showing some unaccepted behaviours from some 16-aged guyren. Ok, if it makes you feel different, there is the success of that movie. Now you feel what is wrong with a 16-aged boy or girl when they do just the same as the movie. So you can easily teach others to be aware of it. Use ur experiences from the show...
Relationship problem/contemplating suicide: sorry it's long, please answer?
I am a 35 year old man with modest mean. I have been married to the same woman for 5 years with 2 guyren. In my glorious high school days, I was considered archetypal “cool” guy. Needless to say, I had many girlfriends and developed a very high physical standard (very vain, I know) for the women I date.
I had a chance encounter with a barely legal teenage girl a few months ago while I just finished dining with a colleague at the food court of a mall. She was clad in a low-cut spaghetti-strap tank top that revealed her midriff (and her belly button piercing) and a very tight and tiny denim short shorts that had a slight glimpse of cameltoe. She possesses none of the physical traits I desire. She was not slim, tanned, tall, or leggy. In fact, her legs are somewhat thick and her midriff/stomach is not flat. The only good thing about her is the top-shelf, perky breasts.
I was quite annoyed when she started talking to me out of the blue, but found her to be quite interesting and engaging. (I unknowingly had an erection when I looked under her top.) I have to admit that I, not short of confidence, gained some weight the last few years and my hair has some early sign of gray. Meanwhile, my wife is becoming quite a bore especially after the birth of my guyren. She isn’t the hottest girl I dated either. I just thought it was time to have a family when I married her.
Anyway the young girl and I exchanged numbers at the conclusion of our encounter and I didn’t think much of it. However, I couldn’t get her imperfect features off my mind. I called her 3 weeks later to arrange a meeting.
She was short, cute, and innocent in her brunette ponytail and braces. Not only does she have the looks, she's got the personality to match. Again clad in sexy short shorts, I began touching her thick legs while I was driving. We drove to a remote area, had a few beers in the car. Then I took off her shorts, revealing her sweet little panties just covering the sweet tasty pinkness of her tight teen you-know-where. She looks like a bad little girl that I took over my knee and spank silly in her cute tiny little panties. Realizing she was wet, I made the naughty little girl to strip naked revealing her perfectly puffy nip, pretty tight pink you-know-where, and ripe perky breasts. Then the rest was easily predictable. Her tasty little *** and sweet squeezable perky teen t!tt1ies were too much to resist. Shortly after realizing when I had just done, I felt ashamed and manipulated, so I gave her a bare @$$ spanking until she started crying (and pee-ing).
Before anyone accused me of being a pedophile, this girl is 100% legal.
My question is: why am I attracted to such an imperfect girl? My ongoing relationship with her gradually became less dramatic and more predictable, yet I don’t want to leave my wife. This relationship doesn’t seem like the normal boyfriend-girlfriend, friends with benefits, or even re-living my high school glory days.
What is wrong with me? I’m terrified.
ur cheatin on ur wife, and u ought to be ashamed.
i think u should break it off with the girl, and tell ur wife the full story. you can seek counselling too; u need to be honest with her. after that, u can decide whether u want to end the marriage, or patch up.
its gonna be hard either way.
Teen Story plot ideas?!?!?
Hi, so I'm writing this story that basically bases around six high-school guys. It actually goes through their whole life, but right now I'm focusing on teen years. Much more interesting :) So I REALLY was hoping for some drama ideas... I'll give you a list of the main six characters and tell you a bit of the ideas we've already used.

Girl 1. Blonde curly hair, popular, smart, can be bossy and extremely stubborn sometimes. Mature. Needs things perfect a lot. Also kind and caring. Very studious.

Boy 1. Is dating Girl and has been best friends with her since guyhood. Love eachother. Athletic, popular, blonde, fit, seems like the typical jock type. Smart though, and can be a gigantic ***. Cocky. Can be protective though of those he cares about.

Girl 2. Red hair, best friends with Girl 1 and Boy 1. Kind of average and not too bright. A great friend though and fun to talk to. Kind of sportyish but acts like a girl sometimes too. Joke flirts with and loves Boy 1.

Girl 3. Honey blonde hair, short, really sweet. Caring kind and deep. Is best friends with both girls. Has a love/hate relationship with the blonde guy. Very studious.

Boy 2. Dating Girl 2. Average, cute, sweet and funny. Not majorly popular but the kindest guy you will ever meet. Gets more popular after he starts to date Girl 2. Because best friends with everyone listed above.

Boy 3. Tall, handsome, smart, fit--basically the perfect guy. Kind of dark though. Not athletic and dating Girl 3. Is cousins with Guy 1 and is a year older than everyone. Can be extremely over protective.

So we've had a few ideas, but we need more. We have a main plot, and Girl 3s parents died and so she moved in w/ Girl 1. After Guy 1s parents died to (killed by the same ppl) Girl 3 moved in with him. We also had this major drama where Guy 1 got drunk at a party and thought Girl 3 was Girl 1. He basically accidentally raped her and it caused huge issues. He got kicked off the team, and her bf like, tried to kill him and Girl 1 refused to talk to him for a LONGGG time...But the whole school found out and it was this whole big thing and in the end everything was fine. Then there was Guy 1s parents beating him and that whole thing, then they were killed and he started smoking and there was that whole thing. Then Guy 2 left, like moved away, and Girl 2 was beyond annoyed and there was that whole thing. She dated a guy during that time, but he came back a year later. Anyway the point is I need small drama ideas. Even something as simple as Guy 1 and Girl 3 watching Jaws when they live together and being freaked out and him accidentally breaking her wrist (again--shes MAJOR fragile and he is REALLY strong) and then them staying in the same room because they were kind of freaked out. And yeah, we've done that lol. So please, ANY drama or funny ideas would be GREAT!!! And no breaking up or more deaths or whatever. The couples stay together even though couple one and two separate for a bit each. There's more info but it's too long to type. So PLEASE give me drama ideas or small plot ideas or whatever! Thank you!!!
All good teen drama revolves around sex, sexuality, self-obsession and conflict.

Watch the Brit TV series "Skins"....a brilliant observation of these conflicts.

If you want humour, the teen years supply it all.

Watch the film "The history boys" by Alan Bennett....pure genius.

Introduce a specifically gay character, but as that's quite normal these days, make it a guy having a relationship with another guy who is eiether (a) age or (b) a wealthy young businessman ten years older than himself.

You can see the conflict immediately, and how other would react to this.

Drugs are always a good source of conflict, drama, slippery slopes and tragic endings.

You could have a sudden death in a road-accident......always good drama, and a situation which almost always brings teens together by a sense of grief and loss.

5% of "out of the ordinary" is more than enough, or it becomes unnatural and contrived.

Remember that life is generally quite dull and predictable, but things can happen. Bad drama is when a tiny village gets more action than a major metropolis!

Just a few ideas.....hope it helps.
Do you.......like this?
i made in class... so bored lol
To you I might seem like a punkrock princess.
but let me tell u something,
theres nothin princess 'bout this.
wearing my converse and skinny jeans sure, i seem like another trouble making teen.
but have you ever considered?
Ha, surely not!
that iam not one of those girls smoking pot?
ive tried ot tell you all,
but no one listens and i being to fall.
does our world really not care?
its starting to seem that way,
not many things ever seem fair.
i continue to skate down the street,
in deep thought i wonder...
why does like always bring the opposite of what you need?
confused and dazed i didnt see him comin',
lost in my mind and music,
on the concrete tangled up i was laughing.
he wopre baggy jeans and vans,
shirtless with a sweet *** tan.
deep inside i knew i could work with this.
he pulled me up and grabbed both out boards,
smiled and took my hand.
right when i thought theres no point to life,
i found my reaosn to live on.
forget what everyone else tells you.
what they say isnt important.
dont let them make you anything but yourself.
life isnt about finding yourslef, its about creating yourself
and so my project began,
first step to it:
my haedphones are in and my music is blastin
no need to talk to me so keep hating me,
iam tunning you out!
Yes I do...
TEENS: Can you please help me with this plot for a teen novel?
As some of you may know, I'm writing a novel based around nerd Cranbert Nelson. This is all I have in the plot so far, but I don't have anymore ideas. I'm not going to steal them, but rather use them for inspiration -- what do YOU think would improve/add to the plot to make it interesting, a novel you would want to read? (I have a subplot that Cranbert's father is secretly gay, and his mother and father aren't very close at all.)
Cranbert Nelson isn't your typical fifteen year old nerd. Sure he has an unhealthy obsession with Abigail Breslin, his best friend is his cat, he has political jokes with his History teacher about Ben Hoover, but his life is about to become a bit more interesting.

Blaze Harris is the complete opposite of Cranbert Nelson. Blaze was put in Juvi for three years after lighting up a cigarette in sixth grade (hence how he got the nickname Blaze) and cutting a teacher in the arm with the switch blade he was carrying. He was sexually abused by his father until he watched him get shot down while walking to his car. And although his mother tries to take care of him, it's obvious she would rather spend her time drinking, smoking pot and bringing home a different man every night.

Cranbert and Blaze may seem like total opposites, but they happen to realize that they have one thing in common. Both have been in love with shy, sweet, OCD paranoid Megan Hershey since the fifth grade. When they are assigned to do a sixth month, Home Economics project together - tensions are at the highest, even though Megan doesn't know either of them exist.

Blaze is afraid that because of Megan's sweetness she may be put off by his bad-*** attributes. Even though he has built up a wall blocking out Cranbert as competition, that wall soon collapses when he overhears Megan talking to her friend Penelope about how she doesn't like jocks, and prefers sweet, shy boys.

Since he has no one else to go to, Blaze goes to the school mobster, called “The Candy Man” because if you want something illegal done (IE a forged signature or fake report card) you must pay “The Candy Man” with candy, brand name only. “The Candy Man” is junior Reese Nelson (who just so happens to be Cranbert's older brother.) Even though Reese is usually the one you go to when you need a forged signature or a fake report card, Blaze has no one else to turn to and goes to him for advice on how to win over Megan. Luckily for Blaze, Reese isn't very fond of his younger brother.

In fifth grade Megan stuck up for Cranbert after her friend Penelope was making fun of him. They haven't spoken since, but Cranbert is sick of being silent. During English class, he passes a note back to Megan saying “Hi, I'm Cranbert Nelson”**most likely the title of the book.** But it doesn't get to her being Mr. Chung catches it first. So, he decides he needs to try the direct approach – too bad he doesn't have the balls.

Much like Blaze, since Cranbert has no one to turn to, he goes to “The Candy Man” for advice. (Ironically, Cranbert doesn't know that “The Candy Man” is actually his older brother.)
I actually really like the character descriptions and I would love if you would tell me when the book will be published because I would be very interested in reading this book .

I also really liked the book title, "Hi, I'm Cranbert Nelson".
The only major thing I'm not fond of is the name, "Cranbert". For some reason, it reminds me of prune juice. I mean that's just my opinion, accept it or not.

I also agree with "sweet november". "The Candy Man" is a GREAT nickname but why candy? If you want to base it on high school life it should be about manipulation, drugs, sex, money, blackmailing <--I think that could also make your plot more developed. Like, you could have a sub-plot of Blaze and "The Candy Man" on the side, where The Candy Man could blackmail Blaze or something like that. Haha, trust me I'm no expert, just giving out pointers though.

I reall don't have anything negative to say really. Keep up the good work!
Taylor Momsen teen vogue interview..she seems horrible!?
I used to like her, she used to be sweet and pretty.
But she just seems so full of herself! I seriously don't like her...
and NO i am not jealous!
I like loads of celebrities, and I am not jealous of them.
'I live a very adult life: I have two different careers; I'm on tour. What am I going to do, hang out with the high school guys? I just can't relate to what they talk about—it seems so petty'

errr why did she do an interview with teen vogue...most of the readers are high school guys.
She is sooo far up her own ****.
Just my opinion...what do you think?
I agree. In the first season of Gossip Girl she looked sweet. But her transformation is not all complimenting her natural looks but making her look ugly. The girl needs to change.
So this guy went to his father and said...?
Teen: Hey dad guess what?
Father: What?
Teen: I am not a virgin anymore!!!
Father: SWEET SON OF A #!%@$.. Really?
Teen: Yup...
Father: Well have a seat here son and tell your old man all about it.
Teen: I can't...
Father: Why not?
Teen: Because my *** hurts like a #!$%@.
I've heard it different.

The guy tells him he just had sex with his teacher.
The dad gets excited...
Same punchline.

It's still a funny joke. but a nightmare if you're the father.
How Many Other Kids Would Appreciate 60s and 70s Style Rock Again?
Well, I'm 15. And I do LIKE the pop out today, but it all sounds exactly the same! Katy Perry, and Ke$ha and Justin Bieber, it's all the same beat-drum melodies, and you can sing any lyrics to each song, and it will fit. All you need to make it is a sweet *** and a few catchy melodies.

I do appreciate it, but I'd really love the sound of Classic Rock, again in this era. I just want to know how many teens would love to hear that again as pop?
i would i like rolling stones, guns n roses,ccr, and many more like them.
The music now SUCKS now people don't even have to work to get famous and become a band. Back then the bands could really sing abd the work hard to get were the are.
Teens:What do you think about this short paragraph? it's for a story?
Once upon a time on a desolate anonymous October day I awoke to the familiar slightly comforting noise of rain. The alarm clock glowed luminously casting the room in a charming slivery glow. Flour O’clock am was my time, time to get ready for a day at the office unfortunately. It had nothing to do with the ungodly hour she had to rise at by unfortunately she meant it was plain and simple I’m going to work at an office. Working at an office from 6:30 am to 9:00pm was not pleasant for her she was not a high power respected business women she wishes but she was merely a secretary. Even thinking about the word ‘’secretary’’ made her feel immediately shameful. It was such a damn patronizing job at least at the place she works. She was always one for attempting to be optimistic but her attempt today seem pretty weak and frivols. She proceeded on with her mundane morning routine that consisted of the mundane things that almost everybody does in the morning. By the time she was ready to haul her sweet *** to work it was still fairly early 5:30 am to be precise. Just enough time to make some lovely tea she was firm believer in finding tea to be very soothing breaking out her fine china was a rather joyous occasion for her.
The narrator changes in the paragraph. It goes from "I" to "she". I'm no author (quite bad at that actually) but I don't think it's supposed to change so unexpected

Then you go on to describe her. It's good to have a bit of mystery and discover the character by their actions or explain it later on. At the first paragraph, it's information you're not really willing to take already (in other words, you don't really care -yet-)

and the paragraph is kinda pessimist and to be honest, boring. Sad day, shameful thoughts, patronizing job, mundane routine, regular day

I know lots of stories are boring at first and then get interesting but I'm not a regular reader so I'm looking for a good beginning. Sorry, but if this was a book I wouldn't keep on reading. Maybe for some other types of readers.
Im trying to break up with my boyfriend but her wont let me help?
I love my boyfriend he is sweet kind but he is such a pain in the *** im a teen i dnt see him ever i like this boy in school my relationship with my boyfriend is a piece of **** we never talk and when we do we fight he doesnt let me be me and he got frikin pissed at me cause i went to church which is rediculous all i wnt is for us to be bestfriends which we are already but he always munipulates me nd i can never break up with him everytime i try he starts saying im going to regret this and do i know the consequences of my actions i would probably lose him nd i cant do it what should i do i dnt wnt to lose him as a freind but i dnt wnt 2 be with him help!!!!
First, you don't love him. You have to admit that before you can end it. You can't possibly love someone who aggrivates you so much. And everyone says they still want to remain friends. Truth is, you usually don't. The routine goes as followed. You break up. He hates you. You start casually talking weeks later. Then you're friends. It's time. It's all about time. You have to be patient. End it, then wait. You may not become friends, he may continue to hate you. It's okay tho, you're guys. Guys mature slower then girls. Give him a few years, then he'll get over it.

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