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Teach to clean her ***?
Hi everybody.
Due to familiar questions i have to take care my 5 years old niece (Nadine).
She call me every time she has to go to the bathroom to poop.
And when she has finished she insist in i have to go to wet wipe her ***.
At the first time i thought she had pooped in her pants, but she was cleaned. I understood her reaction cause she is not at home with her mom. I'm sure that she clean herself at school. Its the forth or fifth time that it happens.
What can I do?
My niece does this also. We know she can do it herself but she always wants us to do it for her. I think it's just an attention thing for them. All you can really do is tell her she has to do it herself because she is a big girl. I would not reccommend doing what someone else said and let them sit in their own poop. It is very unsanitary and can hurt the guys bottom. My sis in law used to do that with her guys and they started getting sores on their bottoms. Just gotta teach your neice that she is a big guy now.
Are teachers are victimising my guy?
My guy has dyspraxia and has taken nearly 3 yrs for school to recognise this. I have just got a report back from phsycologist and had a meeting with senco. My guy suffers socializing and has always done so but since diagnosis I understand that most guyren with sen suffer like this. Upon a meeting with senco she told me that she didn,t agree with phsyc report or doctors diagnosis and also disagrees that shes having social probs. In the meeting though she then stated that some guyren have complained and refuse to sit next to her cos she stinks of smoke. Although I smoke I smoke in my garden not in the house. I was very distraught and have taken it personnally. My daughter returned to school and I handed in my notice as Im a dinner lady there as I found out the senco was discussing the smell of my guy in the staffroom and made a remark that if she was blindfolded she could pick my daughters books out a mile away. After resigning I have found out in governors meeting that the senco and a teaching *** had got the teaching *** son to monitor my daughter in the playground. He reported back saying that she was playing with people but stank of smoke. It was then the mother (teaching ***) who came and complained not some guyren as the senco stated. Can the school get another guy to spy on your guy, I mean is this orthadox behaviour because I feel that parents have a right to know if the school are willing to involve guyren this way. The guy who apparently made the complaint has been with my daughter since nursery they are in year 4 now aged 8/9, why choose now to make the remark. He has since sat next to my guy last week in assembly twice so it doesn't make sence. There are other parents and dinner ladies that smoke in their spare time away from school and I have been threatened by the school with my job but when it didn't work they have turned this to an 8yr old guy which to me is utterly disgracful. Non of them have taken her or my feelings in to the equation and thought of the damage it has done to us. I now have to use fabreze spray everynight on her clothes and place them in a bag till morning and then repeat when she dresses. She also has a car air freshner in her book bag and I feel that we shouldn't have to live like this.
I smoke but it is legal and i smoke in my garden away from my guys. Please has anyone got any advice cos I feel it is now discrimination against a leaning disability. I feel I have no option but to home school her. It is taking all my strength to send her to school with the teachers knowing what they have done and thats why I resigned I felt I had no other option. Im now not sleeping properly and doctor has signed me off for stress till notice runs out. My daughter is now waking between 2 an 4am just to ask for a cuddle. I also know this is happening to a year 6 age 10/11 who as her body is changing is smelling of sweat but the teachers are talking in a negative way behind her back. This cannot be right and shouldn,t be allowed.
The teacher is being very unprofessional, and if she has a problem with your smoking she should be talking to you about it, and not talking about your daughter to others let alone having people spy on her.

Is your daughter getting the support she needs, or is the teacher ignoring these because she "disagrees with the medical reports"?

Teachers are not medical professionals and they might disagree with a psychologist and medical reports, but that does not mean they can ignore the needs of the student.

Document the issues you have, with the dates, times, witnesses, the comments being made about your daughter. Then write a formal letter of complaint, stating that you feel your daughter is being is being isolated and ridiculed, and if the teacher is ignoring your daughters needs, and that you know your daughter has been spied on during recess, and that there has been comments about your daughter smelling of smoke.

Your daughter is not the only student in the school who parents smoke, and its a fair bet that some of the teachers smoke too, I would make it clear that you don't smoke in your house or when the guyren are around.

Rather than spray her clothes with frabreze every night, I would make sure her clothes are laundered and her is hair is washed too, so the smoke does not penetrate her hair and clothing. And if you smoke in the car, try not to smoke in the car, as the smoke does penetrate the fabric in the car, which can cause a really horrid stale smoke smell, and just sitting in the car for five minutes can transfer on to her clothes.
Where can you find the TM dig in pokemon emerald?
Well I already got it but my dumb *** friend taught it to the wrong pokemon and saved. Is there any other way to get it aside from the fossil guys little sibling?
Other than the place you mentioned, you cannot get the actual TM unless you start over. Pokemon that naturally learn dig and perhaps you can chain breed a little, are: Diglett, Dugtrio, Krabby, Kabuto, Nincada, and Trapinch.
My *** of an ex, how to teach him a lesson?
So i was going out with my ex for a lil over 2 months then towards the end of those 2 months we started to not see eachother more n more. His excuses were "my work called, i gotta go in or they'll fire me" if work calls u n u rnt scheduled for that day u dont hafta go in. so i would get angry. i kept on thinking he was cheating on me. he still said he luved me n then i couldnt take not seeing him nemore n i thought it was a waste of my time so i broke up with him. Then a couple days later i wanted him back b/c u kno the sayin "u dont know what you lost till u lose it?" well yea that took affect. but he didnt want me back. so i got upset then was like ok fine we can still be friends though right? right. but then a week later i txted him sayin i missed him n a fake gf txts me back n we get into this argument. the person txting me was a asshole friend of his. n he spread rumors about me thru the skool sayin im easy, im a slut, im controlling and clingy. His boss from work who is like 50 posted on his wall saying i was easy and a teenage whore. like wtf who does he think he is, hes an old man! but im like rly pissed n im going out with his bff. like idc about the bro rules that u cant go out with ur bff ex after they jus broke up. he doesnt deserve anything but what can i do to get him back? i wanna see him suffer so i can laugh at his misfortune..>:) lol thanks no stupid answers please, ill report u. kthxbai <3
OK, I get what you're saying, but I think you also have to understand that he has a job, and there isn't such a thing as too much money... and in this touch economy, any extra cash is greedily accepted. But I do also get that he spreads rumors about you and that is unacceptable? Yeah... I think you should tell him this: Listen, we broke up, so stop spreading rumors about me and f*ck off. And if he doesn't, go to the principal. Honestly, I know that it may seem scary to tell the principal because people will call you a snitch or whatever, but he WILL get punished, and the rumors will STOP. Take a picture of your desktop screen to save the evidence of his boss' posts. Show this as proof if he denies it - how else would his boss know about this? And I think that you should break up with his bff, unless you really care about him. It is not fair to his best friend if you are just going out with him to make your ex jealous. I think that you should delete this question after you receive all answers though - because if he says something like you want to see him suffer, he has this as proof if he finds this.

Best of luck, and I hope this helps.
I want to kick *** and prove myself... want to teach 'em a lesson?
hello all
i am 23 and at college..i am not putting myself down nor am i underestimating myself...but i really think i am wasting my life because my world is terribly small...i have always spent my time by myself and feel crap for this ... my image in college is really weirdo and people dont like to talk to me and are always distant...they always pick up on me and pass funny comments and nobody chooses me when it comes to making a team....they openly disrespect me big time and i feel i have some kind of disorder...i admit i dont interact with them thats because i am afraid that they will again pick up on me or give negative answers...but i really think i am a fun loving guy to be with if i get a chance...i dont have any problems with new people but they become the same after some time...there is a lot more to write and tell but i will just say that my life is miserable than what you figure out of this ....i am on the verge of breaking down feeling pathetically lonely and sad all the time...i think its too late for this current batch in college and i cant change my image...moreover i will get a job in a month or two so i make move on to some other place and i am afraid it will lead to same conclusions...please advice
I can give you the same long-winded lectures that I've been giving to my other friends. But for you, I'll do you a favor and TRY keep it short. lol

One, I really don't support the idea of you moving to some other place in hopes to just get a fresh start. To let other people have such a negative influence on you, especially if they are people you could really care less about, won't help. And I can almost guarantee you that there is a good chance that this whole predicament will repeat itself if you don't deal with whatever-it-is now.

Two, just going a little off from the last point, don't let people put you down either. I know it sounds ridiculously cliche but it's the truth. The sooner you realize this the happier you'll be. The only person that should have any bearing in defining who you are as a person is you.

Three, if you want to have a more social life - be more social. It's really simple, walk up to someone interesting and say hi. And if that's too hard for you then ease yourself into it by getting some help from some friends, read any book that can teach you how to socialize or take a social etiquette class or something, etc.

Four, if you feel like you are wasting your life then I wouldn't have such a negative outlook on being alone. Being alone is really the best time for you to figure out what you really want out of your life. Having supportive friends are a plus but not necessary.

Hope this helps =]
Explanation form a quote in the movie Sandlot?
if my dog had a face as ugly as yours id shave its *** and teach it to walk backwards

explain it?
He's basically saying that the guy's face is uglier than his dog's rear end.
How to teach my 1 year old to fight back?
At the daycare my 21 month old son goes to, there is this other guy who likes to pull at his curly hair and when he cries and gently pushes the guy away, the guy pushes him down or hits him. He has even done it right in front of me as I was picking him up! How do I teach Jordan to knock a ***** out and kick his *** next time this happens so he doesn't have to sit there and take it? Is a 21 month old capable of learning fight moves from me his old man or perhaps karate class?
He's just a baby, he shouldn't be expected to defend himself. That's what parents are for. If you see a guy put it's hands on your guy in aggression, you take the hand off your guy and say no to the offending guy. Then you ask, does this baby have a parent or if at day care, do you people even try to do your job? If you know that the guy care is allowing your son to be picked on by other guyren, you need to talk to the owner and probably look for a better day care. To answer your question though, they do not teach karate to guyren under 3 years of age.
Should i kick this dudes ***?
ok so ima sophmore in high school but everyday at lunch me and a couple friends hang out on the stairs but every day this group of mexicans come and throw food etm.. at me its starting to make me angry and anyone who knows me knows i dont get angry easy. i am aquantences with 1 of them all of them have stoped except one i confronted him i said why are u throwing **** he said im not but i already know its him well ive never talked to him before last year we had a class together all the mexican guys would draw gay pictures of all the black people we didnt do anything but know hes throwing stuff at me so if i snitch on him he will have to pick up trash but i dont htink that will stop him if i beat his *** that would teach him not to mess with me and he prob wont bully any one else for a long time im a couple inches shorter than him but i am way stronger than him hes skinny im kinda buff compared to him if i kick his *** then i will get in school suspension. ive never even got in trouble in my life. ive only been in one fiight and that was in the 3rd grade sso what should i do
dont just beat him up, hurt him bad and make sure he cries before you leave
What Kind of Things Do They Teach Africans Through Charity?
OK, so my English teacher was talking about his friend today, who goes over to Kenya at every oppertunity with SCIAF (Charity) and over 100 people who cant afford an education turn up enthusiasticly.

The point behind the story was because we were all messing about in class and then a dumb-*** said he doesnt care about an education. Then I was just wondering, what kind of things do they get taught? If their are 100s turning up, do they get the same type of teaching we in the UK & US do? Thanks for help.
Yes, they get the same education as in the UK. A Nigerian friend tells me that the best thing she had was a British style education.

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