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All Comments

Teen Prostitutes?
How do u know if a 18 or 19 yr. old boy is a prostitue, when he walks into a resturant or a public place like that?
(jr. project of abnormal modern behavior project)
Would'nt really have anyway of knowing.Only way you might be able to tell is if you'd observed this young man in the company of older men on a few occasions.If he is by himself,no way of knowing
Who are women that get teen prostitutes out of prostitiuting their bodies?
Not girls who choose prostitution but those who are forced like in China
Are you asking what a girl who is forced into prostitution gets? Sometimes she gets a little less abuse from the people who have enslaved her. Not always, but sometimes.
Are teen male prostitutes in the US being overlooked?
I have heard about teenage boys prostituting in street or park areas in large US cities and online and I was just wondering if there are any people trying to help them?

I think they must be pretty desperate or maybe addicted to drugs to be doing that and that it is dangerous. It certainly isn't healthy.

I wonder if maybe there is not a lot of attention about this because some people see it as a gay thing and that they don't deserve help?
Yes, more attention needs to be paid to the runaway epidemic. From what I have read, these teen boys are not gay, they are trying to survive. Many of them find the whole scene repulsive, but due to circumstances they're in the life.
As long as there are horny men willig to pay for release, there will always be a market for those services. We need more outreach centers to help these guys get off the streets, it's a damn shame society has let these guys fall between the cracks.
Teen Prostitutes: How much do you earn?
I know what you think of me SLUT!!!! but i REALLY need money to help my mum or we'll be living in a cardboard box. But i'll do anything to help us.
How much do you earn? How did you get started? Did you just hang out where the others hang out until some guy comes and asks for a shag?
Please don't become a hooker. It's not a glamourous lifestyle. It's very hard becoming a hooker and I don't think that anyone should go through it.

Have you considered selling your old things or getting a part time job?
Why do some parents let their teen daughters walk out of the house looking like prostitutes?
Every time I go to the mall I see teen girls wearing those extremely short shorts (where their booties are literally hanging out) Its no wonder that the teen pregnancy rate is so high these days!
Because that would require parenting. Parents today would rather be their guys pal then tell them right and wrong.
Where do pimps send their pre-teen prostitutes when they need to get an abortion, so they can get back to work?
Do you think they go to back alleys or legal abortion clinics?
I'm not completely sure, but if I had to guess, it would be Planned Parenthood. I remember that they don't report statuatory rape.
How many percent of women are sold to be slaves/prostitutes each year?
I've HEARD, That about 60% Of women in America are raped in the teen years to young adults, and i've heard in Asia guyren could be sold as slaves/prostitutes as young as 6 years old. NOTE : I heard this online and have no clue if its true or not, is it or not? And how many women are sold each year in the world?
I have no clue, but as far as I'm concerned 1 is one too many, thanks for asking.
Was the teen/preteen forum always like this? You know, with 40 yr old men and 12 yr old prostitutes around?
Or was it at one time, a place where parents asked for advice about their teens?
And what's up with all the 5 yr olds asking if they're pregnant?!
I know what you are saying. Theres a reason this place is called the teen/preteen section. Now nobody trusts anybody anymore and you cant even ask anybody anything because they think you are a perverted man. People need to get a life.
What movie is this, about two guynapped teen girls?
It was about two young teen friends going to the mall alone. And a man was following them and guynapped them. He took them to Asia to become prostitutes, and one of their dads is like a federal agent or something trying to find them.

I dont think its an old movie....

Much love ♥
either Federal Crime or Taken....

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