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My boyfriend wants to have anal sex from a transvestite, this is his fantasy. Is he gay?
Is my BF gay if he wants to have anal sex with a transvestite as his fantasy?
Your boyfriend wants anal sex with a trasvestite... So... If he's NOT gay, you'll still be his girlfriend? Lol
My 8 year old looks exclusively at transvestite anal porn: HELP.?
I don't want to censor his internet, I don't believe in censorship.. how would it help. I want to know how to tackle this.
If you don't censor his internet access or ban him altogether, he'll end up needing therapy. It's too much for a guy to be absorbing or even comprehending pornography - especially that graphic hardcore stuff!!
I am a transvestite bottom gay. although I have sex with women but the anal orgasm I experience with my boy?
friend is more powerful and intense than the orgasm I have with a woman. I want to become a woman. I don't mid if I don't have vaginal orgasm after transition, provided I continue to have the same anal orgasm. I don't like a man kissing me unless he has a cute face. My be its because of male hormones. I don't want to retain sexual attraction for women after transition as it is frustrating not to have the capacity to fulfill one's desires. I need guidance from trans women, specially those who had similar experience. Trans women please write to me. My e-mail ID is
You don't get to decide which gender you're attracted to. That's set in your brain long before you're born, and Transitioning isn't going to change it.

You can't "become a woman." You're either born female, or you're not. If you feel you are a female stuck in a male body, then you are a Transsexual woman, and the logical step would be to see a gender therapist.

A word of warning... Transsexualism has nothing to so with sex, orgasms, or who you are attracted to. If you were to Transition, the first thing that would happen is your sex drive would drop drastically, and your erections would stop. There is no guarantee that you would still be able to orgasm (either way) after GRS, although most people are able to with some patience. Most females do not orgasm as quickly as males, and the process is considerably less "mechanical." If a female is not feeling the right way mentally and emotionally, in most cases it won't matter how "good" the sex is, she won't climax.
Am i gay or a transvestite?
I like to look at transvestites and masturbate to there images and videos, yet i live with a woman??
am I crazy or is it just fantasy, i do enjoy the feel of silk on my skin, and enjoy anal sex
Being a transvestite and masturbating to transvestites are different things. To be honest I think you are gay. But we need to know more about you. For example do you find guys attractive? Then again some straight guys enjoy anal sex.

Ask yourself whether you like guys. If you are gay or transvestite then that is completely fine. You may even be bi.
Transvestite or what?
I am a 20 year old girl and i am having a problem figuring me out. i dress in boy and girl clothes just depends on what is clean really and my boyfriend lets me do anal on him, but i still like normal sex. i was one to suggest doing anal on him its always been a turn on for me.
Am I transvestite or what? i had a dream a few weeks ago that i had a penis... i really like it but i dnt want to really have one. im so confused plz help...
Do you dress in boys clothes? As in clothing from men?

Then by definition that's crossdressing.
Are there straight guys that like anal pleasure?
disposable account here so i figured i'd ask the closeted questions.

One way or another, i found that i really like the pleasure of anal toys, and even at one point had buht secks with a guy (receiving, zero interest in giving) but that was a one time thing, and have never had any interest in males, as they are not attractive to me. Now a transvestite, that is an attractive person to me (when convincingly female) because my brain sees it as a female with a penis, not a guy with long hair and boobs.

So just where does this put me? Straight but just slightly bicurious? Nothing about men attracts me, in fact a woman with a strapon would be perfect for me!

Although i could see myself seriously dating a convincingly female transvestite in a manner no different than a normal girl.
i have met many straight guys in my area who want to keep it that way and have a wife or gf but love to receive anal once and awhile. they always refer to themselves a bi, so i would think that your bi
Can a man have encounters [more than one] with a transvestite and still call himself straight?
This guy I know dates so many women and is very sexually active with a high libido. He recently told me in confidence that some years ago he had three encounters with transvestites because he wanted to know how it felt to have anal sex and give oral sex. He does not consider himself gay because he is not attracted to men. Can this be true?
Assuming you're talking about male transvestites; he's at least bisexual if he had sex of any kind with them.
Is it possible i've contracted hiv?

A little over a month ago I slept with a transvestite, lots of sex, oral, anal etc (competely safe and used condoms).

This week, I've had flu symptoms, slightly swolen glands, but only for a short couple of days. I slept with a girl shortly after, and now she has these symptoms too!

I've read that HIV infection can give you these symptoms a couple of weeks after - have i got it?!?! The tv reckons he's safe and clean but i don't believe him! Am I just being paranoid or is it possible...?

PLEASE HELP....much appreciated....
It's possible, but unlikely. If you used condoms, then the chance of infection is low. It's far morel likely that you caught mild flu then passed it on to the girl you subsequently had sex with.

However, if you're worried, get tested. Better to know.
Can I sue my boyfriend?
I met my boyfriend about 2yrs ago. At first he was very affectionate and loving. He would always write me love notes and letters, telling me how much he loves me. A few months into the relationship things became very strange. I noticed that he would act very cold and distant on the phone... To make the long story short I discovered that he is a transvestite who fantasizes about being with men. I also discovered that he enjoys anal sex and has tried it. I have gay friends and I have nothing against them but I can not digest this. I just feel betrayed by him and I am hurt by his dishonesty. I can't stop crying and he is not sorry for what he has done. In fact he made it very clear that I was just a cover for him since some of his friends were suspicious of his sexuality. I think that it was not right for him to use me like this. I had genuinely invested time and interest in the relationship and how could he get involve with me and tell that he loves me over and over when his heart was really somewhere else?
Walk away from the relationship...and your idea.

You can sue but it is almost impossible to win on any level.

He is a jerk stop crying and move on he's not worth fighting for.

I hope everything works out for the best :)
Homophobic homosexuals?
I know this gay guy and he says he strongly dislikes: butch lesbians, femme gays (even though in my opinion he is femme) and transvestite/transsexuals/transgendered individuals, he is not fond of most other homosexuals either.

It bugs me because he will see a girly male/butch female and yell at them and call them disgusting. (It is also embarrassing for me if I am near him)

He thinks lesbians and anal sex are disgusting (even though I know he has had anal at least twice)

What the hell is his problem and is this common to find in the "gay community"? What is your opinion?
It is a form of self hate and it goes on in a lot of communities. In the 1960s there was a case where a young man joined the american nazi party and then left because he wanted to recreate nazi germany and start the race war against the jews. It turns out that young man was a jew! In the deep south in the late 19th century and early 20th there were also some cases where some blacks who were able to pass for white joined the kkk and took part in lynchings! It is happening in the gay community also! You need to tell him to stop.

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